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The War of the Worlds Review

The War of the Worlds Review: The Martians Have Landed at the Northern Stage

~ a guest blog by Cheish Merryweather


“In the unfathomable darkness of empty space, an invisible missile starts its journey to Earth from Mars. And another. And another. And another…”


The year is 1898 and the place is Newcastle upon Tyne. As the city bustles on with invention, application and discovery – there is something from another world that is about to put a stop to their satisfaction.

This adaption of HG Wells’ The War of Worlds has moved from London to Newcastle and writer Laura Lindow is not shy with dropping in many references to cultural landmarks that works to place the drama closer to us.

Director Elayce Ismail said, “Setting the story in the North East has given us a brilliant opportunity to reveal the secrets of this area and delve into its rich and evocative past. We’re really excited to be bringing this part of the world to life on stage for our audiences.

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The stage is simplistic yet anything but underwhelming as the cast drive this production forward with full force – and lots of peril. Although the programme has the actors credited as “emerging” stars, this quartet on stage made up of Jack Lloyd, Luke Maddison, Charlotte Ryder, and Lauren Waine are a great talent. They have the real natural gift of storytelling that pleases the imagination as their descriptive dialogues talk us through the earth-shaking invasion happening in our home city.

The outstanding use of lighting (Richard Flood) and sound (Mariam Rezai) means that although we never see anything out of this world, we feel very much witness to it.

A full house for most of the dates proves that HG Wells’ original masterpiece and Lindow’s adaptation still continues to feed our ever-present fascination with science fiction. The War of the Worlds at Northern Stage is a treat for the imagination.

Tickets start at £10 until 10th February; for more details or to book tickets see or call the box office on 0191 230 5151.

war of the worlds


~ a guest blog by Cheish Merryweather






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