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the ship inn ouseburn

Vegan Sunday Dinner at The Ship Inn

The Ship Inn – Stepney Bank

Located at the bottom of Stepney Bank near Ouseburn Farm, this is a proper boozer with a difference.  Unlike most pub lunch menus The Ship Inn is completely Vegan!  They have been making quite a name for themselves with their fabulous food, so we popped along for a Sunday dinner to see what all the fuss was about, and we were not disappointed.

The Ship Inn has always been a popular haunt of ours with its fantastic location just under Byker Bridge.  One of the oldest pubs in the area, and owes its name to the historic importance of river craft in the development and heritage of the Ouseburn Valley.  It is a great place to sit outside for a cheeky pint on a sunny day and works well as a starting/finishing point on an Ouseburn pub crawl.

the ship inn ouseburn

Ouseburn is rapidly becoming one of the most trendy alternative areas with it’s one derelict factories and warehouses buzzing with artists’ studios, pubs, music venues and independent cinemas.

For those who have not ventured down to Ouseburn yet we definitely recommend it.  Packed full of great pubs all serving a great range of local beers.  The atmosphere is very laid back and unpretentious, loved by both students and locals alike.

The Ship Inn is a family and dog friendly pub with some great outdoor seating and a convenient car park.

Like many we were surprised and intrigued when we heard they were doing an all Vegan menu.  We have to mention not all the beers are Vegan so it is best to ask the friendly and helpful staff if you do want a completely Vegan experience.  

Their menu was great, full of the regular crowd pleasers but we had our hearts set on the Vegan Sunday lunch.  The Ship  Inn is perfect for a lazy Sunday beer fuelled stroll down the scenic Ouseburn Valley.   The pub itself is packed full of charm and character.  We decided on going for the Roasted Red Onion Wellington and the Cashew, Mushroom & Ale Suet Pudding.

roasted red onion wellington

Roasted Red Onion Wellington

Both were delicious and we would definitely recommend.  It was great to see such hearty portions, so many places often skimp on the vegetarian or vegan options but this was not the case at The Ship Inn.  They came with a great selection of veg.  My favourite was the rosemary roast tatties.  The mash & red wine gravy was also packed full of flavour.

cashew mushroom ale suet pudding

Cashew Mushroom Ale Suet Pudding

The pub itself had a fantastic laid back atmosphere and was very popular.  We sank a few pints of the local beers as we people watched and digested our mammoth meals.

Despite our full bellies we just could not leave without trying some of their famous cake.  We went for a couple of coffees with a slice of Peanut Butter & Chocolate Tart.  This all vegan desert was mind-blowing with an oaty biscuit style base and mouthwatering chocolate and peanut butter layers.  I would definitely recommend you try this if it is on the menu as it was one of the best cakes I’ve ever eaten and did not last long!

peanut butter chocolate tart

Peanut Butter Chocolate Tart

All in all we had a great meal at The Ship Inn and would recommend to anyone, Vegan, Vegetarian or not!

For more information on The Ship Inn visit their Facebook page here.







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