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nights out in newcastle ultimate fresher week guide

Ultimate Freshers Week Survival Guide

Nights Out In Newcastle Top Tips for Freshers Week

As the long lazy summer finally comes to an end fresh faced university students across the region prepare themselves for the start of a new chapter in their life.  Here at Nights Out In Newcastle we can’t help you open a bank account or chase up a late student loan payment, but we can give you advice on the do’s and don’ts of Freshers Weeks, the best bars in Newcastle and amazing drink offers available.

Firstly well done!  Whether by design, desire, accident or serendipity you have chose the best city in the UK to make your new home.   Newcastle is full of great places to eat, drink and party.  So give yourself a big pat on the back and prepare yourself for one of the most hectic, exhilarating and exciting weeks if your life.

So it goes without saying you’ll have a lot to take in during your first week at uni.  The sheer level of new sights, sounds, things to sort out and various freshers events can be quite daunting.  It is all too easy to fall into the age old trap of trying to do everything at a million miles an hour and end up crashing and burning on the first night.  

Our handy blog is packed with our Top Ten Tips for Freshers Week, a list of events and offers, a guide to all the different areas of Newcastle and even our Geordie Translator!  So kick back, relax and read because we have taken all the hassle out of Freshers Week for you.



Top Ten Tips for Freshers Week


Here is some of our Top Ten Tips to surviving the Freshers Week mayhem:

1 – Don’t be afraid to explore! 

It is all very easy to find yourself in a new city, surrounded by strangers and latch on desperately the first friendly face you see in halls.  Your neighbour is your now new best friend, you’re already planning were you’ll live in second year and before you know it you are spending every single weekend with them in the same uni bar you went to one your first night!  University is a great place to meet new friends and we advise you make a real effort to get out and meet people.  But just remember to get out an explore your new city a little!  For those brave explorers hitting ‘the Toon‘ for the first time we have just the thing for you with our handy guide to the best in bars, pubs and clubs in Newcastle.


Newcastle has some great places to go out, with something for everyone.  At the bottom of this article we have complied a list of the various areas in Newcastle below with descriptions, directions and any offers available so you never get stuck for your perfect watering hole.

2 – Be prepared

All boy scouts will know this simple mantra but all the knots, badges and well tied woggles in the world will not help you with Freshers Week.  Try to arrive as early as possible to get all the simple stuff like unpacking, meeting your neighbours and finding your way around campus out of the way.  Make sure your finances are in order as student loans may take a while to come through and you don’t want to be skimping and saving during Freshers Week.  Get yourself down to your local budget supermarket and get the basics in (milk , bread, beer, beer, oh and beer).  Newcastle also has a great Chinatown with many super cheap Chinese supermarkets.  Whether your in halls or shared flats you’ll find that the fridge is like the Bermuda Triangle, anything that enters it rapidly disappears without trace! This age old problem has haunted students for generations, remember not to take it personally, it is no different to what your parents have had to put up with for the last 18 years!  Buy cheap and then you won’t be to disappointed if it goes walk about.

3 – Check your emails

The university is likely to have bombarded you with half a dozen welcome emails.  While annoying at times many may have vital information on timetables, events, Fresher’s Fairs, plus help and assistance.  Social Media channels are also great for keeping up with the latest info.   

4 – Hit the Freshers Fair

Fresher’s Fairs are packed with freebies as well as a good source of information on events, clubs and extracurricular activities.   Grab as much as you can to get you through the first few days.

5 – Find your local

All this being prepared, checking emails and grabbing fistfuls of freebies is thirsty work.  Round up a small group and boldly attempt to find your local.  While many will go straight to the uni bar be brave, it isn’t going anywhere!  Believe me after the first few months you’ll probably hardly ever venture there.  So be amongst the first to find your feet in the streets of Newcastle.  A friendly, fun city it is very used to entertaining strangers with stag and hen weekends, football supporters and revellers hitting ‘the Toon‘ every weekend.  We’ve complied our handy guide so you can always find your way around.   Part of the fun of Freshers Week is trying new places out, with amazing, hilarious and sometime disastrous results.  Find out what you like near you.  We have complied a list of the various areas in Newcastle below with descriptions, directions and any offers available so you never get stuck for your perfect watering hole.

6 – Pace yourself

It might sound boring and like something your mum might say but there is nothing worse than overdoing it on the first night, embarrassing yourself in front of everyone then ruining the rest of the week being ill.  We love an epic night out more than most but always take care not to go too far.  Stay responsible on nights out, remember to always keep an eye out for your friends.   

7 – Offers, Offers, Offers!

Freshers Week is all about the offers.  You’ll find a mind boggling array of them to try and tempt you to their bar or event.  It is important to remember the Freshers market is a huge industry and the universities have not been slow to make sure they cash in on it too.  Shop around and get the best for what suits you.  We have covered some of the offers available in this article below, but there are many more depending on what night you are out.  Don’t be afraid to ask as most bars should have something on in Freshers Week.   Here at Nights Out In Newcastle we also have some amazing offers but ours are not Freshers Week flash in the pan ones.  Our  Privileges Wristbands are an amazing package deal for the top bars, clubs and all the strip clubs in Newcastle city centre.  It means you can get some great drinks deals, queue jumps and free entry to the hottest venues in the party capital of the North, so you can really enjoy  your epic night out in Newcastle without breaking the bank.

privilege wristbands


8 – Try a Bar Crawl

So you’re looking for a great night out in Newcastle but don’t know where to start?  Why not try a Newcastle bar crawl?  You’re guaranteed the best night of your life.  A brilliant way to see the city we have various choices available, with guided bar crawls and self guided bar crawls, drinking games, free drinks, great value exclusive drink offers and hilarious costumed crawls.  We’ve tried and tested the best in bars and clubs so your group will have the best night out and receive the best service and warmest in Geordie welcomes.  To check out our many Newcastle Bar Crawls click here.

geordie crawl


9 – Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat

hangover cures

via wordpress

No one likes a hangover and believe me they only get worse as you get older!

It goes without saying make sure you drink responsibly but if you do find yourself hung over and do not want to miss out on what is happening that night you could always try a hang over cure.  

Here is our 8 Outrageous and Disgusting Hangover Cures article from earlier this year.  Try them if you dare!


10 – Enjoy yourself

Sounds simple but just remember Freshers Week is all about fun.  Don’t take it too seriously, enjoy yourself.  It does not matter if you didn’t get off with the girl of your dreams, meet loads of new friends or someone stole your milk from the fridge.  It is only one week.  You have months and years to explore this wonderful city.



Events & Offers

There’s a lot on in Freshers Week in Newcastle and here are our top picks to make the most of your first few weeks.

Social Butterfly – Mon 26th Sep at 10:30pm  – Tue 27th Sep at 3:00am – Perdu in Newcastle

social butterfly perduThe Butterfly is back!!

Make the most of your Monday!

Expect the best party music in Perdu’s Main Room, head upstairs to the Cocktail Lounge in All Seeing Eye or take a breather outside in the secret garden smoking terrace.  


Perdu: RnB, House, HipHop  
Blackie Boy: Deep House, Grooves  
All Seeing Eye: Disco, Oldschool, Anthems  

Get your ticket here.



Base Ingredients – Fri 30th Sep at 10:30pm – Sat 1st Oct at 4:00am – Digital in Newcastle

bass ingredients digital

Bass Ingredients is a party of ‘Bass House‘ & ‘Garage‘ infused with fun!  So expect to so heavy line ups, but also madcap decor, CO2 cannons, confetti showers, trippy visuals, entertainers.

So up first for our launch night right at the end of Newcastle Freshers week we have biggest name in Bass House, CHRIS LORENZO! 

Together with Chris will be previous Rub a DubDub guest and one of the dons of a seriously heavy bassline, JACK BEATS! Plus, on warm up duty, Dirtybird’s very own rapidly rising producer & DJ, BILLY KENNY! 

And also commonly know as “the gent” taking the residency spot after a marathon and much talked about 3 hour warm up set for EZ… Stand up GENTLEMAN JONNY!

Tickets are from just £10+bf so be quick people!  These early prices will fly straight away!


The BIG Bar Crawl Newcastle – Tue 4th Oct at 8:00pm – Wed 5th Oct at 3:00am

the big bar crawl newcastle


✔ 2000 Students

✔ 10 Bars / 1 Nightclub

✔ Bar Crawl Games

✔ Newcastle’s BIGGEST Freshers Event!



EACH ticket includes your very own Big Bar Crawl T-Shirt!

The Big Bar Crawl is one event NOT TO MISS – it will be the most insane freshers event!

This event WILL SELL OUT – so registering and buying tickets as soon as you can is extremely important!

We KNOW how to throw a Bar Crawl – so don’t be the only one missing out!



Fri 7th Oct at 8:00pm – Sat 8th Oct at 3:00am – O2 Academy Newcastle

newcastle fresher week battle

Historically Always The 1st “Proper” Big Crawl Of The Student Season, This Event, The Last 5 Years Has Sold Out Well In Advance!

So Do Not Wait!!  

Get Your Ticket Today And Confirm Your Tshirt For Friday’s Battle Bar Crawl!  Believe me you don’t want to miss out.

The Bar Crawl Consists Of 1,000 Northumbria Students In a “Id rather Be Poly Than a C**t!” T-shirt.  And 1,000 Newcastle Students In a “Your Dad Works For My Dad!” T-shirt !  

2,000 Students On One Amazing And Essential Bar Crawl That Spans 5 Tightly Knit Bars And One Phenomenal Club At The O2 Academy For The Amazing Dirtypop!


There is a lot on over the first few weeks so why not keep up to date with everything by subscribing to our handy blog?  

You can also check out our events page so you never miss out!


Finding your way around Newcastle

Newcastle is a compact city centre with great transport link which makes it easy to get around.  The metro is a quick and handy way to travel across Newcastle, going to the airport, Gateshead, Sunderland , North and South Tyneside.

In terms of areas to drink in you really are spoilt for choice with something for everyone.

Below is a list of some of our favourite areas:

The Quayside – Newcastle’s iconic quayside is one of the most popular areas to party with an array of bars, clubs and restaurants to choose from.  Guaranteed a good night you can pick and choose your venues as you bar crawl from one to another.  The easiest way to get there is to walk down Dean Street and keep going till you get to the river!  It might seem like a bit of a hike at first but it is all downhill and once there the quayside has everything you need in one place with something for everyone.  If all that walking has worked up a hunger the Hop & Cleaver is a great place to grab a bite and a pint, before moving on to the clubs for cocktails and partying like a Geordie!  If walking isn’t your thing there is an excellent bus service called the Quaylink.  There are some excellent cocktail bars and clubs along the waterfront with Sandhill just by the swing bridge having some of the best in town.  If you head in the opposite direction you will find some relaxed quayside bars such as The Head of Steam Quayside and Pitcher & Piano, with great views of the river and iconic Tyne and Millennium bridges.

The Gate – The Gate is Newcastle’s premier leisure and entertainment centre.  They have wide range of restaurants and cafes, pubs, bars and clubs as well as a cinema and casino.  The bars are well geared up for students and are always popular due to the city centre location, nearby hotels and the fact it is undercover from the worst of the North East weather.  The Gate is easy to find on Newgate Street and only a short walk from other popular areas such as The Bigg Market and Chinatown.  Tiger Tiger is a playground of fun and frivolity, all with killer cocktails and banging tunes.  With it’s many levels, rooms and bars it is a great place to get lost in on a crazy night out.

the gate newcastle

Bigg Market – Newcastle’s world famous Bigg Market is packed full of pubs, clubs and bars as well as a range of affordable restaurants and take aways.  The Bigg Market sometimes gets a bad name for it’s rough and readiness but it can often be overhyped.   A traditional drinking area for many years it may be in need of a little TLC but is still great for a night out.  You won’t find pretentious, modern or trendy bars here but it has some great cheap places to party and is still popular with students.  Flares bar is a firm favourite with students for a cheesy night.  A fun bar it definitely does not take itself too seriously, with retro vibe plus 70s-style wallpaper, booth seating and dance floor hung with glitter balls. 

St James & Chinatown – Very popular on match days these bars come in all shapes and sizes from traditional match day pubs like The Strawberry, to huge sports bars like Shark Club geared up for food, drink and evenings of Premier League Football, NFL and Wrestling.  Chinatown is great for a night out with a huge range of places to eat for all budgets.   St James is easy to find with a handy metro and the towering iconic landmark of Newcastle United St James’ Park.   Chinatown runs mostly along Stowell Street lying within the historic heart of Newcastle.  Stowell Street and one of the few still extant stretches of Newcastle’s old town wall mark the northeast boundary of the district.  At the north end of Stowell Street on St Andrew’s Street is the Chinese arch, facing St James’ Park. 

Collingwood Street – Packed with some excellent bars and clubs Collingwood Street is a very popular place to go out for a night in Newcastle.  Known as the Diamond Strip this area has been a popular areas in Newcastle for going out with some great venues for lovers of a cocktail with bars like Florita’s Miami Bar and Tropical Garden or the well hidden All Seeing Eye.  A short walk from both Central Station and the Bigg Market, Collingwood Street is easy to find with and is a good place to bar crawl from one venue to another.  Fans of the popular show MTV’s Geordie Shores can party like a Geordie in Bijoux Bar.

Central Station – There is a great selection of popular pubs and bars around central station.  A busy area with tourists and locals alike, it is very easy to get to via bus, taxi, metro or train.  The Head of Steam is a firm favourite of students because of it’s music scene with bands such as the Arctic Monkeys, Maximo Park and The Futureheads all cutting their teeth there.  Jalou is a bar we would definitely recommend because of it’s crazy, wonderful and weird cocktails, and it featured for that very reason in one of our most popular blogs.

Ouseburn – Ouseburn is rapidly becoming one of the most trendy alternative areas with it’s one derelict factories and warehouses buzzing with artists’ studios, pubs, music venues and independent cinemas.  You have popular music venues such as The Cluny, as well as  traditional bars such as the Free Trade Inn, one of Newcastle’s oldest and best loved real and craft ale pubs.

the tyne bar

If you are in Newcastle city centre and don’t fancy the walk along to Ouseburn there is a good bus service, with numbers 12, 22, 39, 40, 62 & 63 on New Bridge Street at the top of Stepney Bank.  Also the Q2 Quaylink bus also now serves Ouseburn Valley, stopping on Byker Bank.  Byker and Manors Metro stations are both within 10 minutes walking distance.

There is also a reasonably-sized free car park, accessed via Foundry Lane is about 50 yards from our door.  Plus two small paying car parks under the arches of Byker Bridge.

Jesmond – A popular area with students Jesmond is packed with restaurants, pubs and bars.  Places such as 97 & Social a fun, audacious venue serving up more than signature dishes and innovative cocktails.  A chic establishment with luxurious booths, an outdoor terrace and a friendly cosmopolitan ambience that can accommodate more than 400 guests.

Jesmond is easy to get to with an excellent metro service taking you to the heart of Jesmond.



Geordie Translator

No guide to Newcastle would be complete without a handy Geordie Translator to help you avoid any confusing conversations when your trying to find the nearest kebab shop!

So here is a few commonly used sayings you’ll need to get to grasp with:


Howay, Man – probably the most used and well known this simply means come on or hurry up.  Howay, man! Wha ye doing?’

Gan – go

Doon – down

Toon – Newcastle.  ‘I’m gannin doon the toon’.

Mortal – drunk.  ‘I was completely frickin mortal last meet!’

Paggered – very tired. ‘I’m completely paggered the neet.”

Tash On – to kiss someone.  Howay, Man! I’m trying to get me Tash On with this lass!’

Gadgie – a man.  ‘What’s that Gadgie over there dooin?’

Radgie – bad tempered person .  ‘Watch out for that Radgie Gadgie.

Workyticket – someone being mischievous or annoying on purpose.  ‘That gadgie is a reet workyticket.’

Hacky – dirty look.  ‘That gadgie is givin me reet hackies.’ 

Scran – food.  ‘Proper in the mood for some scran now.’

Monkeys Blood – The raspberry/strawberry sauce on an ice cream (probably the one that takes even the most of acclimatised people by surprise). ‘Can I have monkey’s blood on me cornet?’

Netty – the toilet.  ‘Whees in the netty.’


And most importantly one you’ll definitely need when your parents drop you off at Uni…

How man mutha man –  Please mum don’t embarrass me!




Hope you have enjoyed our Ultimate Freshers Week Survival Guide.  Have a great week and enjoy yourselves.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for everything Newcastle, updates, news and offers.





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