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Top Ten Weird and Wonderful Cocktails

Top Ten Weird and Wonderful Cocktails – Newcastle

Here at Nights Out In Newcastle we love a good cocktail.  Newcastle has some great cocktail bars with a huge range of choices, whether it’s a cheap and cheerful crowd-pleaser, a sophisticated take on a classic cocktail or something fun with a sense of occasion for a friends birthday or hen night.  We’ve painstakingly reviewed all of the bars, clubs and pubs in Newcastle in our handy guide.  It’s a tough job but someone had to do it!  

We all love a good classic cocktail like a long island ice tea, an old fashioned or a gin and tonic, but sometimes you need to break the mould and try something new.  So we have compiled our list of the top ten weird and wonderful cocktails.  Designed to challenge, excite your taste buds and make you smile.  These cocktails are some of the most unusual, individual and refreshing available on your Night Out In Newcastle.

So, in no particular order prepare yourself for some fun, cheeky, challenging and down right crazy cocktails from the best bars in Newcastle.  Please feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments and we’d love to here from you, so here we go…


The Cookie Monster – Jalou

the cookie monster cocktail jealous


Jalou is the venue for those who really know their drinks, brining you drink making techniques and flavour combinations never before seen in Newcastle. 

The Cookie Monster really stands out, this fun cocktail is guaranteed to get some looks!  

Made from chocolate cookie syrup with Stoli Vanilla Vodka, Baileys and cream, all topped with outstandingly moreish white chocolate flavoured whipped cream.  

Complete with delicious cookie for a mouth.  This is as much a dessert as a drink!

You cannot help but smile when confronted with this masterful cocktail creation.  Probably one of the most selfied cocktails in Newcastle, we recommend everyone try a Cookie Monster at Jalou, it will definitely make your night one to remember.



Thai Chilli Crush – The Botanistthai chilli crush cocktail the botanist newcastle

The Botanist is one of our firm favourite bars in Newcastle because of their truly mind-blowing array of drinks.

Their staff love to push the boundaries and are very passionate about their cocktails.   They have an amazing selection of top quality spirits from around the world.

The Thai Chilli Crush sums their ethos up perfectly.  You’ll definitely get a kick out of this one with fresh red chilli, Thai basil, apple and lemon juice with Tanqueray gin and delicious green apple liquor.

You can have it spiced to your own specifications, so how hot dare you go?


The Ultimate Zombie – House of Smith

ultimate zombie house of smith newcastle


One of the best night clubs in Newcastle we love this place, when it comes to cocktails they do not disappoint!  Each cocktail is made to spec, in a dynamic, prompt fashion, ensuring you’re not waiting all night for that much needed drink.

The Ultimate Zombie is a real show-stopper with a great sense of theatre in a stunning skull glass.  It is a real monster of a cocktail and is guaranteed to grab your attention. 

Jam packed with white rum, amaretto, coconut rum, passionfruit liqueur, pineapple juice, fresh passionfruit, lime, dark rum float, Wray & Nephew and flamed absinthe!


The Gremlin  – All Seeing Eye

gremlin cocktail all seeing eye newcastle

Next up is The Gremlin from All Seeing Eye.  

For those of us in the know Collingwood Street has been keeping a dark secret. A cut above street level, an escape, this truly unique and out of sight venue located above Perdu and Blackie Boy with a extensive and innovative cocktail list for you to indulge in.

Hidden away this gem of a cocktail bar has been quietly producing some amazing inventions.   So many could have made the list such as Honey I Drunk the Kids with its cornflake rim or the completely bizarre Dante’s Miracle with “the miracle fruit” berries to change your tastebuds to taste sour things sweet!

However, for us we had to include their take on a Gremlin, it is a true masterpiece.  The black Vodka makes it really stand out and the taste is outstanding.  A real cocktail fans favourite.


Mars Attacks – All Seeing Eye

mars attacks cocktail all seeing eye newcastle

Another one of All Seeing Eye’s crowd-pleasers made it into our list.  

This is definitely one for those of us with a sweet tooth.

A cross between a meal and a drink this is not for those of us on a diet, but this classic combination really delivers on taste.

Made with Stolichnaya salted karamel, baileys, cream and toffee sauce, all garnished with a Mars bar!

We really love what All Seeing Eye are doing and suggest you ask the bar staff if they have any new cocktails available as they are always conjuring new concoctions as well as reinventing old classics.



Strawberries and Steam – Jalou

strawberries and steam jalou

Next we are back to Jalou.  This time instead of selfish overindulgence the theme is it’s good to share with their beautifully elegant Strawberries and Steam sharing cocktail.

Fresh strawberries fused with London No 3 Gin, Extra Dry Vermouth, cranberry juice, fresh lime and strawberry tea.  All classic combinations they really work well together.

Served in a glass tea pot set and steamed ice cold it looks stunning and tastes ever better.   


Cookies ‘N’ Dream – Revolution

cookies n dream revolution newcastleAnother stunning sweet creation comes from Revolution bar, with their delicious Cookies ‘N’ Dream cocktail.

Revolution have been producing some great cocktails of late and have a great range of flavours.  This is for the big kids in all of us!

Absolut Vanilla vodka and our own White Chocolate flavoured vodka blended with dulche de leche and cookies, topped with squirty cream and even more cookies.  This cocktail is guaranteed to make you smile.


Tokyo Ice Tea – Aveika

toyko ice tea aveika newcastle

Our new contender is another great take on a classic from Aveika.  

Aveika is a contemporary Japanese Restaurant & Late Bar nestled in the heart of Newcastle’s iconic Quayside.  Based on the Japanese concept of dining ‘Izakaya‘ it is a sophisticated establishment where the atmosphere is both stylish and vibrant.   They have some great food as well as an excellent cocktail menu.

This Tokyo Ice Tea cocktails sounds a lot like a Long Island Ice Tea at first with the mind warping bonanza of booze in the form of the vintage white spirits gin, vodka, rum and tequila.  But that’s where the similarity ends with the mouth watering and refreshing twist with 7-up and Kiwi.

We are big fans of this drink as it really packs a punch while still keeping its clean, crisp and cool taste, making this a great one for the road cocktail!  


BYO Mojito Box – Tiger Tiger

make your own mojito tiger tiger newcastleOur next cocktail contender might seem like a bit of a cheat, after all you have to make it!  But we love the idea behind this…

If you book a table with Tiger Tiger you can request a BYO Mojito Box that has everything you need to make your very own Mojitos.  After all who does not love a Mojito!

So let your imagination go wild and make your own concoction with whatever you choose.  It makes a great talking point and for some hilarious (if sometime scary) outcomes!


Apricot and Peach Smash – The Botanist

apricot and peach smash the botanist newcastle

Last but by no means least in our cocktail list is The Botanist’s simply beautiful Apricot and Peach Smash.  Jam packed with flavour it is one of our more simple but elegant cocktails on the list.

It has all The Botanist Newcastle’s usual attention to high quality ingredients and is a go to refreshment for Nights Out In Newcastle to get the evening started in style.

A soft and dangerously drinkable bourbon smash.  Peach and apricot provide a delightfully light and fruity twist.  Great on sunny summer day and it really quenches your thirst.

We got seriously hooked on these and before you new it we’d racked up quite a bar tab.  You’ll be surprised how drinkable this is! 

We hope you have enjoyed reading our list of Newcastle’s Top Ten Weird and Wonderful Cocktails.  Please feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments and we’d love to here from you, cheers…












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