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top 10 geordie beers

Top Ten Geordie Beers

The best beers in Toon

Newcastle has a long and rich history of association with beer.  Newcastle Brown Ale is one of the most widely distributed beers in the world and the success of “the dog” did put Newcastle on the beer drinkers map but they  controversially left the region nearly ten years ago.  So is the Geordie brewery a thing of the past?  Far from it, there is a renaissance of artisan producers making some amazing, experimental and incredibly quaffable beers, ales and stouts & porters.

Here at Nights Out In Newcastle, as you might imagine, we love a good pint.  Newcastle has some great bars, pubs and clubs with a huge range of choices, whether it’s a cheap and cheerful crowd-pleaser, a sophisticated take on a well known beer or something fun with a sense of occasion.  We’ve painstakingly reviewed all the beers available in Newcastle to bring you our top ten.  It’s a tough job but someone had to do it!  



Crisp and fresh, Blonde Star is light in body but certainly not in flavour.  This blonde beer is brim-full of lemon, grapefruit, passion fruit and pale malt.  Refreshing and satisfying it comes in at 4.1% ABV, making it an easy pint to drink all day.
I first tried this at The Head of Steam Quayside when we went down to review its opening for our blog and have been hooked ever since.
Brewed by award winning small brewery Anarchy Brew Co. this is the first beer they made and is their biggest seller.  Starting life in January 2012 amongst the rolling fields of the Northumberland countryside, Anarchy’s team is dedicated to using only the finest ingredients to create increasingly forward thinking beers.


blonde star anarchy brew co

The aroma is toasted, moderately malty, has hints of caramel, hay, hops with a citrus kick.   Only lightly carbonated it is an easy drink for watching the match or relaxing in the beer garden.
Anarchy Brew Co. are based near Stannington near Morpeth and originally concentrated on a small number of cask conditioned ales, but they soon realised the North East was crying out for flavour.  From citrus soaked session beers, kiwi and lime loaded IPAs and coffee infused Breakfast Stouts; they are proud to brew aggressively flavoured, esoteric ales.

Le Saisonnier

I first tried this cheeky Pilsner style pint in The Bridge Tavern under the stanchions of the Tyne bridge. 

Made with Lemon Balm & Rosemary Saison this Belgian style Saison is brewed using a grist bill of Pilsner, Munich and a hint of Vienna malt.

Coming in at ABV 5.4%, which is actually pretty low for a Saison, it is very drinkable and light.  Made by the excellent Wylam Brewery it is a perfect pint for a hot sunny day out in the beer garden.  Founded in 2000 Wylam Brewery is a 30 Barrel Micro Brewery that now resides at the iconic Palace of Arts in Newcastle’s Exhibition Park.  They have come a fairly long way since their founding fathers John Boyle & Robin Leighton pawed over their first malt bills and recipes in a potting shed in the rural village of Wylam, Northumberland.


wylam brewery le saisonnier


Light to medium sweet in flavour this beer comes with a lively carbonation and a herby floral finish.  Le Saisonnier has a great aroma with hints of lemon rind, bread dough, rosemary and grass.


Almasty Pale Ale

I tried this for the first time in the fabulous Alvinos, a brilliant late-night Pilgrim Street bar, and I was not disappointed!   Coming in at ABV 5.1% this super drinkable Pale Ale really does hit the spot.

Brewed by the Almasty Brewing Company from Shiremoor, these Ale Explorers have been trail-baling a name for themselves recently with some outstanding ales, delicate pilsners and sublime stouts.  Almasty means ‘wild man’ in Russian, a sort of mythical part human, part animal creature like the yeti.  


almasty pale ale


This golden amber ales has an aroma of grapefruit with a slightly floral toffee tang, the taste is juicy fruit, sweet and deliciously bitter.


Silver Dollar

Next up on our list is the highly popular award winning American Pale Ale Silver Dollar.   

silver dollar the tynebank brewery

This 4.9% ABV Ale features a glowing amber colour, robust malt base and west coast American hops.  With a bold citrus fruit flavour and a piney character, the bitterness is lasting but not overpowering.

Light to medium bodied with fine carbonation, it really goes down a treat with an orange, tangerine, citrus hop aroma.  Definitely one for those of us who like a good hoppy ale to quench the thirst.

I first tried this in the Redhouse down on the quayside which was a great match as it goes perfectly with a pie and mash.  Since then I’ve always been a fan and it has been a regular on nights out in Newcastle, beer festivals and events.

Brewed by the excellent Tyne Bank Brewery it combines their local passion and attention to depth of flavour and I’d definitely recommend a pint of Silver Dollar if you get the chance.

rhubarb and custard beer

A special shout out has to go to Tyne Bank Brewery for their Rhubarb and Custard Pale Ale which did not make the list because I think it was a limited seasonal run, but please let me know if you have any as it is amazing!  

This exciting and intriguing 4.4% ABV oatmeal Pale Ale has already gained legendary status in the North East.  

Perfect for a warm summers day I enjoyed many a pint of this while catching some rays in the beer garden.

A great pint and definitely something different to the norm with it’s fruity tartness cutting through the creamy custard body of the beer leaving a lingering and balanced finish.

If you do happen across the Rhubarb and Custard Pale Ale I would recommend a try as it has to be tasted to as there is nothing else quite like it!


Keep Taking the Pilsner

taking the pilsner wylam brewery

This light coloured extra Blonde Lager is from Wylam Brewery and is brewed using high grade concerto pilsner malt and saaz hops.  

One of my favourite craft lagers from anywhere in the UK it really is worth a try, even if you are not normally a Pilsner fan.  Perfect for lazy sunny days in the beer garden or watching the match.

Coming in at a pleasant ABV 4.0% it is crisp on the palate with a delicate herbal finish.

They get the clean taste by bottom fermented using an authentic strain of Lager yeast then cold conditioned at zero degrees for 3 weeks. 

Another triumphant beer from Wylam Brewery’s ever increasing range.


Tyneside Blonde

Sticking with the lighter bodied and tasting beers for now my next choice is an easy one,  with the pale coloured thirst-quencher Tyneside Blonde, from the Hadrian Border Brewery.  This delicious drink is using maris otter malt, wheat malt and an abundance of bittering and aromatic hops. 

tyneside blonde hadrian border brewery

I first tried this at the Pitcher & Piano down on the quayside and coming in at 3.9%ABV and it is a easy drink, perfect for a nice summer day.   

Light sweet in flavour with fairly juicy citrus, some bread sugars, with fine carbonation and a very nicely balanced finish, with some orange or maybe even mango plus bitter hay.


Future Sailor

errant future sailorThis naturally cloudy Wheat Beer is the brain-child of Errant Brewery.   

This brewery makes some stunning beers from it’s base nestled in the very heart of Newcastle, in an old Victorian railway arch.

This 4.2% ABV cloudy and complex beer is also crisp with aromas of juniper, cloves and banana.  The distinctive taste comes from using special wheat yeast, giving a clove taste with pacifica hop and juniper berries to balance it with a delicate botanical citrus finish.

They collaborated with High Bridge’s Pleased to Meet You to bring us this stunning juniper inspired beer and the results were worth all their hard work.

A great pint for any occasion, and definitely worth a try! 



Almasty MK8 IPA

Brewed by the Almasty Brewing Company they live up to their claim to be true Ale Explorers with this Indian Pale Ale.  The eighth in their instalments they just seem to be getting better and better.  Based on this pint I can’t wait for what surprises come with Mark 9 IPA!


almasty mk8 ipa


I tried this for the first time in Alvinos on Pilgrim Street and was blown away!  Coming in at a powerful ABV 6% this stunning Pale Ale really does hit the spot.


Sublime Chaos

 sublime chaos breakfast stoutVoted Best Stout in the UK & EUROPE at the World Beer Awards 2015!  
This dark, voluptuous breakfast stout comes from the Anarchy Brew Co and is infused with Ethiopian Guji natural coffee beans from Stafford based coffee roaster Hasbean.  
Coming in 7%ABV this Breakfast Stout is velvety and vicious, it is balanced delicately with New Zealand hops.  
This sturdy stout has a light, toasty entry on the palate with a creaminess and then a heavy malty, chocolate, coffee, tobacco taste with a pleasant with a lingering roast flavour.  Body is medium with great texture and a slight soft carbonation. 

I first had a pint of this at The Free Trade Inn and I was pleasantly surprised by this tasty and easy drinking light Stout.


Club of Slaughters

The next in our top ten is a real enigma, wrapped in a mystery hidden in a conundrum.  The twisted invention of Wylam Brewery, it is a must try for any Stout fans out there.  I first tried this in The Bridge Tavern and was blown away by the taste.

It pours with a black body and cappuccino coloured froth with a head that really lasts.  Vanatblack and bone char intones dwell within this remnant hulk, while an electro narcosis of peat smoke pitch, dark cocoa and oiled black cardamon, rib rattle into subtle bolt gusts of port wine and espresso pursued by a dark cherry red grape skin tartness.  



club of slaughters wylam brewery


It reminded me a little of having blackcurrant liquorice sweets as a child with a sweet and pleasantly lingering after-taste.  This medium body, fine carbonation Stout has a warming alcohol feel at the finish, with just the slight hint of spice like a good Christmas pud.

This ABV 8.8% is also a Vegan Friendly Stout despite it’s gruesome name.  


We hope you have enjoyed reading our list of Newcastle’s Top Ten Geordie Beers, we certainly enjoyed trying them all!  Please feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments and we’d love to here from you, cheers…






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