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Tom Stade at The Stand Newcastle review

Blue Jeans Management Proudly Present TOM STADE – ‘I SWEAR’

27th October 2017 – The Stand Newcastle


We were lucky enough to be invited along to see Tom Stade’s brand new show ‘I Swear‘ last Friday, at The Stand Newcastle.

We turned up just after doors opened at 8pm, after a delicious meal at The Bohemian on Pink Lane.  We grabbed a couple of quick pints and headed downstairs to the basement venue.  Much to our surprise it was nearly already fully packed out, an hour before the show!  It was great to see, Tom has a huge following and some real superfans.  We quickly grabbed any seats we could find and settled in.

There was a real buzz around the venue and it was completely sold out and packed to the rafters.  We caught a glimpse of Tom chatting to the sound guy before the gig and he looked well up for it, bouncing around with endless energy.  First top was the warm up act Nigel Lawrence.  Tom introduced him from backstage with a mic.  The fellow Canadian comedian kicked it all off talking about the journey up to Newcastle, it seems a long car journey with Tom may have taken its toll on Nigel!  He had the audience in fits of laughter throughout and was a really pleasant surprise, not being shown on the original billing or posters.  I have never seen him perform before but he was really good, he had a laid back style with a healthy dose of contempt, sarcasm and irreverence.  He did a decent sized set for a warm up act and got the crowd in the mood for what was to come perfectly.  

There was a brief interlude for folks to grab another drink, before the main event.  Tom bounced onto stage to a huge applause and cheers from the crowd, more akin to a rockstar entrance than a comedian.  He went straight into it telling us this was his 8th gig at The Stand Newcastle and he ‘thought He’d be bigger by now…doing arenas!’, it was his typical self-deprecating but yet brash style.  He informed us it was his wedding anniversary and he had brought his wife to a ‘basement‘ in Newcastle to celebrate!  

Ever the showman he got everyone rolling in the aisles straight from the start, with his x-rated take on childbirth.   A comedy veteran now, Tom ticked all the boxes, referencing some of the famous sketches he has done for his hardcore fans.  The self-proclaimed ‘Stadinese Army‘ were everywhere, with people who try to go to all his gigs wearing a host of humorous tribute t-shirts.

Nothing is taboo with Tom, no subject untouchable.  He pokes fun at everything but with a purpose.  Pointing out the absurdity of things with hilarious humour, boundless charm and a razor-sharp wit.  The perfect antidote to the crazy world we live in right now, he had the audience in fits of laughter, whooping and geering.  It was great to see such a huge comedy name perform in such an intimate venue, it meant you felt like you were part of the performance, along for the ride.  

His set had a great mix of storytelling, ad-lib rants and audience participation.  The overall theme was about the changing times and how generations have lost common ground with each other.  He involved members of the audience, talking to several couples from different age groups, looking humorously at the differences in their lives.  He picked four couples, one in their 60’s, two in their 40’s and a young couple at the front.  It was definitely not a gig to sit at the front for those of a nervous disposition.  He honed in on several people in the front rows with hilarious but ultimately friendly banter.  The young couple at the front were used to represent the changes in young people, the way we interact with each other due to technologic advances during his lifetime.  It was something that chimed well with the audience.  The young ginger lad looked like he was terrified at times (who wouldn’t be?), which added to the tension, while his girlfriend gave as good as she got, much to Tom’s amusement and excitement.  

The theme was looking at differences between the Millennials, Gen X-ers, and a Baby Boomers as he mused about it and his own experiences of finding himself suddenly middle aged!  He chatted to the old couple and probed them their attitudes to life, and if technology had passed them by.  It was a really funny interaction and he used it to link up and bring the show together.  Though it was far from all scripted and to plan, with some huge tangents and rants, exactly what you would expect from Tom!  With some classic stand-up it was a masterclass to see.  He had the audience in the palm of his hands and even managed to crack himself up a few times.  It contributed to the hilarity and meant he went way way over the time slot, but no one cared, he could have done another hour and we’d have all sat there listening to his stories.  The gig ended on an upbeat note, and left everyone entertained and wanting just a little bit more, like all good comedy gigs should!

The overall theme may have been about becoming middle-aged but the years have not dampened Tom’s energy, sense of humour or mischief.  Boisterous, bold and brash he did not disappoint.  Rants and swearing but with a purpose, some fantastic storytelling, a good upbeat delivery, poking fun at life and its strange 

In terms of gigs it was definitely up there in the top comedy tours coming to Newcastle this year. Hats off to The Stand Newcastle for this gig, it was an epic night and one that will stick in the mind for a long while.  I would definitely recommend checking out Tom’s show if you get the chance.  Thoroughly entertaining, a perfect night out!  10/10

After the gig Tom posed for endless selfies with his fans, and looked like he was ready to enjoy a good night on the Toon.  If his Twitter is anything to go by him and Nigel had a proper Geordie night out, ending up in a kebab shop at 3.30 in the morning!

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