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The Department of Distractions

See Things Differently with The Department of Distractions at Northern Stage

~ a guest blog by Cheish Merryweather


The world premiere of The Department of Distractions explores the tiny details of everyday living that work as ‘distractions‘. These sightings are documented on Instagram using the hashtag #TheDepartmentofDistractions by the imaginative theatre company Third Angel.

It’s a feed you could find yourself crawling through for hours, trying to dissect what you’re seeing now but also the past distractions that you will begin to remember.

Wait – is this a distraction within a distraction?

Hold on we’re getting carried away…

This conspiracy-theory detective story for the 21st century is very Black Mirror-esque as we’re introduced to a world we never knew existed but have always interacted somehow. These daily ‘distractions‘ could be anything from the simple such as a single glove in the street or a torn-up love letter in a Metro carriage – would you piece the letter back together to read? And also, why does that phone box keep ringing at the same time every night?

Cast members Rachael Walton (600 People, Third Angel), Stacey Sampson (This is England, Channel 4), Nicholas Chambers (The Great Gatsby, Wilton’s Music Hall) and Umar Ahmed (My Name Is, Tamasha Theatre Company) work very well together as a foursome, each with their own quirks just as individual as the work their character’s produce at the department.

Third Angel Co-Artistic Director Alexander Kelly said on his blog, “I always wanted to write a detective story. With The Department of Distractions, we’re finally telling that detective story. It draws on those teenage detective obsessions, as well as more recent examples of the genre such as The Bridge and The Mysteries of Laura, and detective fiction by Kate Atkinson and Donna Leon amongst others.”

The show is an extraordinary mystery, full of intrigue, and comedy throughout the 90-minute performance. Your eyes will be opened.

~ a guest blog by Cheish Merryweather




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