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The Beach Boys at the Sage Gateshead

The Beach Boys, Wild Honey Tour, Sage Gateshead

~ a guest blog by Mandy Charlton

The Beach Boys really need no introduction at all, they’ve been performing together for over 55 years, they’re truly legendary icons of music.

Although some of the members of The Beach Boys are either no longer with us or not performing with the remaining band, when they played last night that iconic sound they have was omnipresent in Sage Gateshead.  A difficult week in music after the atrocities in Manchester on Monday evening meant that lead singer Mike Love lead the crowd in a moment of silence after paying tribute to those who had lost their lives, security was also heavier than normal with bag checks and an armed police presence which truly is something unusual for such a high-end music venue, I can admit to feeling some tension in the air but staff were proficient and polite and everyone in the crowd felt moved by that quiet moment of reflection.

Last night proved more than ever why you must go and see live music because to hear The Beach Boys in my lifetime was truly an honour.  One of my favourite songs of all time “God Only Knows” moved me to tears to finally hear it live.

All the hits were there last night from Good Vibrations to Help Me Rhonda, from Barbara Ann to Wouldn’t it be nice and once the crowd relaxed we were encouraged to get on our feet and dance.   It did perhaps take longer to relax than usual but once we did, the crowd and I really went for it.  The thing about the beach boys and their Californian “Doo Wop” style of music really transcends time and ages so last night saw mature couples getting down with teenagers, the music bringing us together to provide hours of joy and happiness.

The Beach Boys were also joined on the stage with part-time member of the band John Stamos who is not only entertaining but also rather handsome and I was right in thinking that I’d seen him somewhere before as he’s not only a part-time member of The Beach Boys but also a full-time actor with credits to his name such as Glee and E.R. he played drums, he played bongo, he sang, clearly a polymath of the highest description.  The funny thing was that he just fitted in with The Beach Boys so well and he’s a joy to see perform.

Last night for me was about coming together, showing strength and love of music as I suppose, a family of sorts.  It’s only when you go to live music gigs that you get to experience the coming together of many, music appreciation is a common love which transcends everything, it brings people together regardless of age or status and may we never lose that right to gather and enjoy amazing bands such as The Beach Boys for truly last night was a once in a lifetime experience.

~ a guest blog by Mandy Charlton





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