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Tango Moderno review

Tango Moderno – Newcastle Theatre Royal

~ a guest blog by Mandy Charlton


Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace may have left their Strictly shoes behind a few years ago but since then they’ve not stopped bringing dance to the masses with their shows incorporating the tango with crowd pleasing numbers, the excitement was palpable as the curtain rose last night for Tango Moderno.  Sadly (for some) there was disappointment as Vincent is currently out with a back injury, no matter to me though as replacements Pasquale De Rocco and Leonel Di Cocco more than made up for it.

The Tango Moderno is a statement about love and relationships in a post modern era, selfies, Tinder and the disappointments of internet dating all feature heavily in a show packed with music from all eras, classical numbers mixed with Ed Sheehan et al all combine together to make a dance spectacular featuring the tango, the rhumba, the cha, cha, cha and many others.

For me though, the night was made whole by singer and narrator Tom Parsons who I have to be honest, I could not take my eyes off, his voice, his witty narration, his guitar playing, this man who says in his own words that he can’t dance was truly the shining star and a talented one at that.

Flavia was beautiful with several glitzy but not overdone outfits, her dance moves faultless, her performance enchanting, there were only a couple of moments when I scratched my head, for this is a story of love, finding love, losing love, capturing true love, for me, I didn’t understand the dance number about cleaning, it just didn’t fit and I think the show would lose nothing if it left that behind.

If you’ve never understood the joy of watching dance, this is a good starter show, nothing too complicated and a theme that runs throughout, I wistfully felt that bittersweet pang of knowing what it’s like to be alone when all of your friends are coupled and in love, from that point of view I was transfixed, absorbed and a little heavy in my own heart and I guess that’s why Tango Moderno is so brilliant, if you can hold my attention for an 80 minute performance and make me feel the pain that love causes in these constantly connected and ever-changing internet ruled times then you are doing a very good job, I’ll hold my hands up and say I’ve sat through dance shows before wondering where the connection was but not in this case.  Tango Moderno runs at the Theatre Royal until September 30th and throughout the country for the rest of autumn, I’d urge you, if you have ever experienced love or heartbreak in the last 30 years to get down there and enjoy a couple of hours of total escapism through the medium of dance done excellently.

For more information on Tango Moderno visit the Newcastle Theatre Royals website here.

~ a guest blog by Mandy Charlton





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