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Someone Like You: The Adele Songbook review

Someone Like You: The Adele Songbook

~a guest blog from Suzanne Whelan from Sofa Stories.

We were greeted with a nice vibe when entering the Whitley Bay Playhouse.  It has been years since I visited and it was definitely before the renovation that has well and truly put Whitley Bay Playhouse back on the circuit.

We got some drinks at the bar which seemed to take an age but we had a little bit more time than planned as the show was starting little later start then scheduled.

We took our seats P21 and P22 and it was a great view but to be honest due to the tier seating it I’m not sure there are any ‘bad’ seats.

The band and backing singers appeared on stage first then on came Katie in here Adele persona donned in a shag pile coat, cue ‘Hello’, an obvious but fitting start the evening.  It was a clear from the outset that Katie has one hell of a voice, sustained by lots of sipping from a builders mug which she informed us was honey (of course, we believe you!).

A few songs in we first got to hear the lady speak.  It’s strange as I had cockney accent set in my head and awaited the swear word filled blue air that seemingly goes hand in hand with Adele but NO, must note this is not Adele but as he tribute is so good you could at times forget.  She first appeared on X Factor in 2013.  It’s a show I watch avidly but I couldn’t place Katie so I googled her when I got home and no wonder I hadn’t as Katie looked very different four years ago with a very edgy look.

She then went to tell the audience about her time on Graham Norton show, where she had thought she had been auditioning for an Adele part.  I had watched that show and again I wouldn’t have been able to place her.  Talk about a chameleon.

Not only was Adele was playing tonight but her influences too which is something I completely appreciate.

The staging was simple.  The changing images on the large screen were very simple but effective.  Please, please, please by Liam (the pianist) a seat that enables him to reach the piano comfortable rather than being perched on two seats stacked (I’m a H&S person in the day so little details like this, what might be missed by others, including my companion of the evening once in my eye line unfortunately remain).

The lighting was quite dark and moody apart from the yellow flashes of light now and again.  It wasn’t until Set Fire to the Rain where the audience became truly engaged with many up on their feet clapping and dancing along.  A nice end to a slowish start of a first half.

The second half was far more interactive and upbeat and I loved Katie’s costume change. Katie, where did you get that dress?  Sky Fall and Rolling In The Deep were great but it’s Water Under The Bridge that got my friend, she was in floods.

Apologies to the baking singers but Katie excelled when it was just her and one or two other instruments, the out of time movements and humming were more a distraction then a positive a complement to the set.

It was a shame that Gary Barlow never liked her but her gung-ho, stuff him, look where I am now attitude made Katie more Katie then Adele and I think that the show would benefit from the audience knowing more about the lady in their presence.

If you want a sneak peek of the show just click here Adele Songbook Official Trailer

The Someone Like You: The Adele Songbook is touring so don’t miss out on seeing her soon.  You can get your tickets here.

~a guest blog from Suzanne Whelan from Sofa Stories.




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