Vodka Tasting Class

Meet your vodka specialist at the private venue and be welcomed with a drink.

Your host for the 90 minute session will begin the party with some ice-breakers before getting to the drinks themselves.  You will taste 4-6 varieties of vodka whilst your host gives you a brief history of the popular spirit, Vodka, and information about its origins.  The session can end with an optional blind tasting test!

  • Taste from our 5/6 vodka selection
  • A in depth show and tell from our vodka specialist
  • Learn interesting facts, funny stories and the beautiful history behind the spirit
  • 90 minutes private session
  • £34.00 per person (minimum of 10 people)


Why choose a Vodka tasting stag party?

  • Good way to impress your friends with your new found knowledge in this spirit.
  • Enjoy the authentic and interactive session personalised to your needs.
  • Perfect start to a fun night out or before you go out on the town.


Wear: The customers can wear whatever they please.

Note: Over 18s only.

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