Stag Pole Dancing

  • Trick the stag into thinking you have bought him a female pole dancer
  • Have one of our teachers work him hard for two hours non-stop
  • 120 minutes private session
  • £29.99 per person (minimum of 10 people)

Meet your professionally trained pole dance teacher at the private venue where there will be multiple poles to get as many of you dancing at the same time.  The teacher will show you how to move and dance utilising the pole while on the ground as well as some on pole tricks.

Do you have the upper body strength to get acrobatic?  Find out with this stag party.

  • Our Stag Pole Dancing Lesson gives you a chance to really pull some acrobatic moves.
  • Class is designed with men in mind so it is more about using your upper body strength than about gyrating up and down.
  • Except for the stag who is there to be embarrassed!

Wear: Customers can wear whatever they are comfortable in but shorts are recommended in order to grip the pole with your thighs.  If you really want to get into character, we challenge you to bring some high heels!

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