Ultimate Girl Band Party

This two hour dance party is inspired by the best girl bands throughout history!

Meet your professionally trained dance teacher at the private venue and be guided through a warm up, the ultimate girl band dance party and a cool down to end the session. The music and dance moves will be girl band inspired (so let us know if you have any specific favourites).

The dance moves will be broken down into simple steps so this dance class is suitable for all ages and abilities. Wear comfortable clothing for exercise or team up and theme up inspired by your favourite girl band get up!

This product will bond any group of hens.

Length: 2 hours.

Price: £27.00 per person 

Minimum group size 10 people.

Wear: Comfortable clothing that allows movement or dress up like a girl band in matching clothes!

Note: This is a great product to get to know each other and come together to create a fierce group!

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