Pole Dancing Party

With 8 years of pole dancing party experience, this is one of our most popular hen parties of all time!

A trained pole dancer and teacher will guide your group with a warm up, some floor dance moves and even some pole tricks before a cool down at the end of the session. This dance party will build your friendship, upper body strength and confidence. The class can be as relaxed or as strenuous as you desire as the teacher will tailor your pole tricks to your abilities.

The music you will dance to in this pole dancing hen party vary but expect saucy hits such as Pussycat Dolls’ ‘Buttons’, Warrant’s ‘Cherry Pie’ and Britney Spears’ ‘Gimme More’.

Length: 2 hours.

Price: £27.00 per person 

Minimum group size 10 people.

Wear: Customers can wear any clothes that are comfortable and flexible, though those who wish to learn spins, pole moves and tricks are advised to bring shorts.  No tights.  No heels.

Note: We do have to be careful if girls have been drinking before hand and we may have to do some work off the pole if they are too drunk to safely get off the ground.  Pole dancing makes a great icebreaker for any group.

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