Cheerleading Class

This two hour dance party entails a professionally trained dance teacher, private venue and pink and purple pom-poms!  We’ve all dreamed of being a high school cheerleader and now you can live that dream in a dance party suitable for all ages and all abilities.

Expect a warm up, cool down and enthusiastic cheerleading routine in between!  The teacher will break down the professionally choreographed cheer routine into simple, easy to learn steps but shaking pom-poms and high-kicking can be tiring so enthusiasm is required.

The main routine will be danced to Toni Basil’s iconic ‘Hey Mickey’.  Other songs that might feature the class are: Taylor Swift – Shake it off OMI- Cheerleader Beyonce – Single Ladies Jonas Brothers– Pom Poms Missy Elliot – Shake your pom pom Daphne and Celeste – U.G.L.Y 

Trainers and sneakers are strongly advised since high-kicking requires you to be steady on your feet!

Length: 2 hours.

Price: £27.00 per person 

Minimum group size 10 people.

Wear: The pom-poms are included within the package but cheerleading uniform is not and is optional for the customers.  Matching kit is a fun idea and a great way of getting into character but comfortable clothing that lets the customers high kick is essential!

Note: We recommend trainers or sneakers for this product as there is a lot of jumping involved.  We strongly suggest not wearing heels.

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