Can Can Class

This two hour dance party is a high-energy dance product inspired by the dance shows of the Moulin Rouge and great for customers who want to celebrate their womanhood with less sexual content than burlesque or pole parties.

The Can-Can dance party entails dressing to the occasion in the cancan skirts provided in a range of sizes and learning the infamous moves from a professionally trained dancer who will do a warm up, cool down and the can-can in between.  This is a dance party that will bring you all together since a lot of the joint dance moves involve working in a team to hold and support each other while you high kick!

Music for this dance hen party will include classics such as Fatboy Slim- Because We Can Can, Bob Wilson and his varsity rhythm boys -Broadway Rag and other classics such as Moulin Rouge, Gatsby and other flapper music. 

Wear: Customers will definitely work up a sweat during this dance party so they are advised to wear comfortable and lightweight clothing to the party and should avoid wearing heels or stilettos as they will need to be very stable and supported on their feet.  To really match the Can-Can girls theme and skirts, customers can wear corsets and show make up!

Length: 2 hours.

Price: £27.00 per person 

Minimum group size 10 people.

Note: This is a very high energy dance party!  Heels not advised as customers should be stable on their feet for the jumps and kicks.

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