Bollywood Dance Party

This two hour dance party is a unique product that guarantees fun and laughter! Meet your professionally trained dance teacher at the private venue.

You will be provided with pretty Indian scarves to help get you into Bollywood character.  The professional choreography incorporates both hip-hop and belly dancing elements that the teacher will break down into simple and easy to learn steps that will have you all performing a Bollywood dance routine together in no time!

Expect classic mhapkas hip shaking, Bhangra style shoulder movements and expressive wrist flicks in time to the popular Bollywood soundtracks.

The main song of the class will be Nicole Sherzinger – Jai Ho and other songs that may feature include:

 Mera – Hit Hit

 Luk Chup Jaana.

 Chunari Chunari:

Length: 2 hours.

Price: £27.00 per person 

Minimum group size 10 people.

Wear: Customers can wear anything they are comfortable dancing in. They might be inspired by the Bollywood film and wear Indian bangles that make pretty sounds as they move!

Note: This dance class is one of the least strenuous which means it is suitable for hens of all abilities and is ideal for groups who wish to go out after the class.

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