90’s Dance Party 

This two hour dance party is inspired by the cheesy hits of the 90’s era and will entail dancing to everyone’s favourite anthems of the era.

Do you remember the old school 90’s moves such as big fish, little fish, cardboard box?

Get your groove armada on to this megamix of 90’s hits that’s bound to make you fondly reminisce while you warm up, learn a professionally choreographed dance routine which you will perform together near the end of the session before a cool down. 90’s songs may include:

 Spice Girls- Wannabe

 Spice Girls – Stop Right Now

 Spice Girls – Say you will be there

 Britney Spears- Hit me baby one more time.

 Steps – Tragedy

 MC Hammer- Can’t touch this

 Tom Jones- It’s not unusual (Carlton dance)

 Will Smith- Get Jiggy with it

 Will Smith -Men in Black

 Madonna – Vogue

Length: 2 hours.

Price: £27.00 per person 

Minimum group size 10 people.

Wear: Customers should dress comfortably for the high-energy dance routine but should be inspired by all 90’s fashion trends such as flat shoes, tartan skirts, neon accessories, wristbands, drop waist trousers, flared trousers and scrunchies!

Note: Flat shoes are advised such as trainers or pumps.

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