Bourbon Tasting Class

This 90-minute session is a relaxed start to the party.  

Meet your professional mixologist at the private venue and expect icebreakers and games.  While you and your group are served five different varieties of bourbon, you can make the most of your host’s knowledge as they give you a brief history of the origins and development of bourbon.

While tasting five or six different types of bourbon, you will learn the difference between ‘straight’, ‘blended’ and ‘aged’ bourbon and end the session with either a complimentary drink of your favourite bourbon or a blind taste test to prove your newly learned skills!

  • Taste from our 4/5 bourbon selection
  • A in depth show and tell from our bourbon specialist
  • Learn interesting facts, funny stories and the beautiful history behind the spirit
  • 90 minutes private session
  • £34.00 per person (minimum of 10 people)


Why choose a taste of Bourbon?

  • Good way to impress your friends with your new found knowledge in this spirit.
  • Enjoy the authentic and interactive session personalised to your needs.
  • Perfect start to a fun night out or before you go out on the town.


Wear: The customers can wear whatever they please.

Note: Over 18s only.

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