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Scream Factory

Halloween horror at the Scream Factory

Be afraid, be very afraid!  The North East’s largest and scariest Halloween haunt returns bigger and better than ever this Halloween 2016.

Established in 2012, Scream Factory is now the biggest and only purpose built Halloween haunt in the North East.  Visitors will be immersed into a horrifying world that you couldn’t imagine even in your worst nightmares.  With all the sounds, odours and backdrops you would only expect to find on a Hollywood movie set, this unique and creative horror attraction will prove to be a scream for young and old alike.

the scream factory redcar

As night-time falls, the atmosphere within the Scream Factory becomes more sinister.  

Those guests brave enough to depart on an Extreme Tour, will experience a heart pumping, stomach-churning trail of fear and will witness first hand the substance of nightmares.

This Halloween season, guests can choose between two enthralling tours, the Twilight Tour is designed for families who will enjoy a gentle meander through the spooky event.  Young and old will have the opportunity to enjoy the architecture, sets, live actors and features of the event.

Choose between our Twilight Tour (suitable for ages 3+) or if you’re feeling brave the Extreme Tour is for you!


The Twilight Tour

Join the ‘Mad Hatter’s Halloween Party‘ and experience Alice in Wonderland like never before.  Don’t worry there’s nothing frightening here and our Twilight Tour is tailored towards fun rather than fear.

Under adult supervision, all children over the age of 3 are invited to wander along a clearly marked out pathway.  You’ll meet some friendly familiar faces along the way, who will help you get to the Mad Hatter’s Halloween Party on time.

On route you’ll have the chance to pop into one of the forest huts and meet, up close and personal some of Scream Factory’s creepy crawlies!  Keep your eyes peeled for the Cheshire Cat and beware, watch out for the Queen of Hearts who isn’t too keen on children or Halloween parties.  She’ll be doing the best she can to make sure you get lost. When you make it to the end, Alice will be on hand to ensure all children receive a treat!

All children must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.

Check out The Twilight Tour here.


The Extreme Tour

Scream Factory’s Extreme Tour is not for the faint-hearted.  With brand new nightmares being introduced this 2016, pay a visit this Halloween and you’ll never be the same again. 

Take a walk around the Scream Factory and you’ll get to confront all your fears in one go.  Guests will face an intimidating, visceral experience as the residents of the Scream Factory sentence them to a life imprisonment. 

scream factory extreme tour

The Extreme Tour is a 14+ Event.

Check out The Extreme Tour here.


Dare you visit the Scream Factory?  The event will be held at the Old Nursery Site, Kirkleatham Museum, Redcar. 

There’s great bus and train links plus ample free Parking and easy access from the North and South.  With the dual carriageway, the showground is less than 10 minutes from the A174 A19 junction.

To book your place at the Scream Factory click here.









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