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Scream Factory 2017

Scream Factory 

Here at Nights Out In Newcastle we love a good scare, and we certainly got that when the Scream Factory invited us to their Halloween extravaganza last year.  We were kindly asked to review their Halloween weekend spectacular and we were not disappointed!  It was easily one of the most memorable and fun events we covered last year, we really can’t recommend it enough, you can read our full review here.

Based at the Kirkleatham Museum in Redcar, Scream Factory is now the biggest and only purpose-built Halloween haunt in the North East.  

We gave the Scream Factory a solid 10 out of 10 as the whole trip was amazing from start to finish.  The organisation was perfect, even with the night sold out, we never had to stop or meet another group once on our experience, giving a seamless personalised feel to the event.  

We would definitely recommend the Scream Factory as it is a truly great activity for a night out.  The level of professionalism, attention to details and sheer size of the staging really blow your mind.  The actors make sure you have a unique experience and get your moneys worth in terms of frights.   They can even make sure you have a special personalised surprise or two for your stag or hen weekend if you contact them to arrange it.   

And the good news is ticket are now on sale for 2017 spectacular Halloween event their website.  You can even go that extra bit extreme and take on the Scream Factory alone!  Their Isolated Tour allows you to take a walk around the Scream Factory entirely by yourself where you’ll get to confront all your fears in one go. Guests will face an intimidating, visceral experience as the residents of the Scream Factory sentence them to a life imprisonment. 

Having done last years tour I can only imagine the new horrors that await and the idea of doing them alone is truly terrifying!  Dare you take on the Scream Factory Isolated Tour?

So what is in store for 2017 Halloween tours at the Scream Factory?  We’ll as always they are keeping their plans secret and closely guarded, for maximum scare factor!  But  it is safe to say they have loads up their sleeves to scare their visitors senseless.  

All Scream Factory’s hard work has not gone unnoticed either, they have been nominated for two awards at the ScareCON Annual Recognition Awards.  It is up for ‘Best Multi Part Event’ and ‘Best use of SFX/Animatronics as a set piece’.  The awards are part of ScareCON, which is set to take place at Alton Towers in June and annually attracts countless people from across Europe.

We can’t wait for Scream Factory 2017, it promises to be a truly terrifying event!  For more details visit their website or find them on Facebook here.





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