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rule the world at the playhouse whitley bay

Rule The World review

Rule The World – Playhouse Whitley Bay

~ a guest blog by Mandy Charlton

I just want to state, for the record and of course in the interests of unbiased journalism that I, Mandy Charlton am a pretty die-hard fan of Take That, being a lady of a certain age I’ve loved Take That ever since they arrived on the pop scene in 1990 with “Do What You Like”.  I’ve loved them as a five piece, a four piece and now of course there’s currently just Gary, Howard and Mark

I’ve often thought it must be hard to be a tribute act and even harder to be a good one, over the years I’ve seen more than a few bad tribute acts but I’m delighted to say that Rule The World aren’t one of them, they are actually the best tribute act I’ve ever seen!

If you shut your eyes, Rule The World sound exactly like them and even visually, “Gary” was spookily exactly like Gary.

Rule The World are so good you actually forget you’re not at a real Take That concert and for once I got 10 bonus mum points for taking along my Take That loving teenager, and isn’t that the best thing about Take That?  They produce music that everyone loves no matter what age they are.

What impressed me most was watching Rule The World performing live some of the music from Wonderland (Take That’s latest album which was only released a week ago).  To me, that’s dedication and I think there wasn’t a person at the Playhouse last night who didn’t love every minute and that included my very hard to please 13 year old, a much more fierce critic than me.

Rule The World were at points joined by some very random dancers which sadly did distract a little at times but the band were on point, well apart from the fact when they told us it was the last song and Mark quickly corrected Gary that it was actually the penultimate number, such stuff does happen in showbiz though and it didn’t stop it being a brilliant, beyond brilliant evening.

Rule The World must have surely been reading my mind with the set list as they sang all of my favourites from Pray to Patience from Hold Up A Light to Could It Be Magic, the hits were all there, if this concert had been an hour longer I don’t think anyone would have complained because the audience were having the best time ever, we barely sat down, we danced, we waved our arms in the air and we sang along at the tops of our voices, for me this was my favourite concert of the year so far and I would happily pay money to see these fabulous boys perform live again.

~ a guest blog by Mandy Charlton




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