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rub smokehouse bar on the tyne

Rub Smokehouse and Bar

Rub your Selfie!  

The Rub Smokehouse opens in The Gate

We love a good excuse to hit ‘The Toon’ here at Nights Out In Newcastle, so imagine our delight when the newly opened BBQ restaurant the Rub Smokehouse & Bar invited us to come #rubyourselfie!

We were given a warm Rub Smokehouse welcome by manager James and given the guided tour of their new restaurant in the heart of Newcastle’s popular The Gate leisure complex.  With a clear passion for food, drink and creating a party atmosphere we were not disappointed!  

the bar

We got straight stuck in with a Breakfast with Jerry cocktail from their mind-blowing drinks menu.  The brain-child of twisted cocktail genius Joe Macbeth, the array of drinks is outstanding.   He recently achieved a milestone in his bartending career and managed to win at the Opihr Gin World Championship to take home a global bartending title.  His cocktail, Fragrant Harbour, was exquisitely presented, perfectly balanced and nailed him the top spot in this fiercely competitive global cocktail competition.

breakfast with jerry at rub smokehouse newcastle

A marvellously moreish mix of Sailor Jerry, Blueberry Syrup, Maple syrup, lemon juice and lemonade, all served in a jerry can.  We cannot recommend this highly enough, with the perfect balance of flavours this was a firm favourite of ours and went down very very quickly!   

Seeing how quickly we demolished the amazing Jerry Can full of drink the staff decided wisely to save us from an early taxi with some delicious Pigs in Blankets and Pork Crackling with apple sauce.  

pigs in blankets at the rub smokehouse

The meat is smoked in their trademark smokers ‘Hank & Marvin‘.  Rub is a BBQ restaurant with its routes firmly in the South of the USA.  Don’t let their fun party atmosphere fool you!  When it comes to food they take their meat very seriously.  They use a butchers called Sykes House Farm ‘The Chef’s Butcher’ near Wetherby North Yorkshire.  Their passion for meat cuts is evident and their farming ethics are second to none.  They have years of expertise in butchery of American style cuts of meat.  

All of Rub Smokehouse’s meat is cooked in ‘Hank & Marvin‘ overnight, marinated first with their secret ‘Rub‘ blend of spices.  Taking their time is crucial with the Brisket & Pork Shoulder being cooked ‘low n slow‘ for around 16 hours.  It goes to show the old saying “the best things in life come to those who wait” is definitely correct when it comes to smoking meat! 

pork crackling at the rub smokehouse bar

The Crackling was perfect with crispy crunch before a powerful porky smack in the chops.  It was a great beginning to an amazing meal.  

Next up we tried a couple of their in house beers before our mains arrived.  We sampled West brewery’s Ruby Red.  This Munich Red really hits the spot and is a softly carbonated, malty, biscuity base with sweet caramel undertones.  It appeals to both ale drinkers and lager fans searching for something a little different.  West’s German roots are firmly planted in Glasgow and their ethos can best be summed up as ‘Glaswegian Heart. German Head’.

beers at the rub smokehouse in newcastle

A stunning pint we thoroughly recommend a try!  After that we moved on to the Hefweizenbursting with banana and clove flavours this is a great beer.  The malty body is complemented by a lightly hopped finish.  It is a great accompaniment to both sweet and savoury foods.  You can read all about how Rub came to work with West here in their blog.

With a couple of perfect pints down the hatch we were ready for the main event.  Up next was the feast that Rub had laid on for us.  

A Brisket Platter with a side of heavenly mash.  This aged beef brisket is slowly smoked over hickory and coated with their JD BBQ Gravy.  Jam packed full of flavour the meat fell apart and was accompanied perfectly by the creamy moreish mash.   

One of the surprise stars of the show was the Half Chicken.  This stunning BBQ free range bird came with scrumptious Rub Spiced Fries.  The chicken is marinated in white Alabama BBQ sauce which left the meat moist, succulent and falling off the bone.  

Along side these delights we tucked into a delicious duo of Pulled Pork and mouthwatering Pulled Pork BBQ beans.  This was an outstanding celebration of everything porky and definitely well worth a try!

rub smokehouse and bar image by melissa nicholson


The food was amazing and the depth of flavour really blew us away.  We really enjoyed the sharing element of many of their dishes and it would be the perfect venue for a birthday party, Stag do or Hen Party.   The informal atmosphere and warm welcome from the staff made it a great night.  They all have a clear passion for food, drink and creating a party atmosphere, and it really shines through in everything they do.

Rubs Smokehouse is the coming together of Luke Billingham, Sean Singer & Jason Rowe.  Luke enjoys having a ‘nice time‘ and has worked in restaurants & bars for the last 20 years.  His passion for hospitality comes from his love of life and wanting every night to be a big celebration.  He is also responsible for the interior design of Rub Nottingham, Birmingham and Newcastle.  Sean has worked in the restaurant industry for over 15 years, his passion for creating #EpicFood is his drive.  Creating amazing Kitchen teams that can put together his dishes is what he loves.  Sean is the true dynamo of Rub and will give Luke a run for his money when creating a party atmosphere.  Don’t be surprised if you see him dancing on the Podiums to ‘We Will Rock You‘.  Jason followed his passion to work with food over 12 years ago, first setting up an event catering company, followed by a fine dining concept, then a smokehouse.  He is also very much involved in the #EpicFood menus and also the man behind Brownie Heaven.  Jason is the serious one with a glint in his eyes!!!

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Top top off this meat fueled extravaganza we were treated to some Rub Up!  Extra pulled pork brisket burnt ends that pack a serious meaty punch.  These really hit the spot and were out of this world.

In a place famed for their fantastic smoked meats it was great to see some fab veggie options too.  We went for the vegetarian foot long Big Foot Burrito.  This truly monstrous marvel is made from five tortillas glued together with cheese, filler with mixed bean chilli, guacamole and sour cream.  As if this was not enough it even came with a side salad and nachos.  It was lovely to see such a generous veggie portion.  Often the vegetarians get over looked when it comes to portion size, as if they don’t want to fill their face too!

big foot burrito rub smokehouse

The burrito was heavenly, packed full of flavours and nicely warming spice, it took some eating but we got there in the end!


With all this delicious food inside it was time to wash it all down with another round of cocktails.  

They have an amazing selection of cocktails available and we were blown away by the options.

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Sensing our dilemma we had our arms twisted by James (we may have cracked far too easily!) to try the unbelievably wonderful Yellowstone Lava Flow, a gargantuan fishbowl cocktail made from two types of blended slushies, topped with Mint and Thyme “trees” and gummy snakes.  The iced slushies were pink and yellow, sitting separately in the bowl before gradually mixing together to make new and interesting flavour combinations.  The pink layer was made from Ron Cortez white rum, Raspberry syrup, Elderflower cordial and lime Juice.  The yellow layer was Ron Cortez White Rum, Coco Real cream of coconut, Mango Syrup, Pineapple Juice & Cream.   Grabbing a straw each we tucked in to this bottomless beauty.  

yellowstone lava flow

As the powerful punch of booze did it’s magic we began to contemplate whether or not we could squeeze in one of Rub Smokehouse’s famous deserts.  They do some amazing sharing deserts that are perfect for special occasions.  This time we were well and truly beaten by the fantastic mains so decided to play it safe with some of their gorgeous brownies.  We went for a trio of chocolatey guilty pleasures, in magnificently moreish Jaffa Cake, Chilli and Dr Pepper flavours.  Next time (oh we will definitely be going back!) we’ll make sure we can take on some of Rubs more adventurous puds, such as their world famous, one and only, Kitchen Sink!  A kitchen sink loaded with three different flavours of ice-cream, marshmallows, bananas, Oreo biscuits, a selection of homemade brownies, Cadbury flake bits, wafers smothered in chocolate, toffee and black forest sauce then topped with hundreds and thousands and glacé cherries.

kitchen sink rub smokehouse

Their fun, flavoursome and show-stopping food is perfect for anyone on a special occasion.  So whether it’s your birthday, anniversary, works do, Stag or Hen Weekend or just an epic night out in Newcastle they are a great choice and you won’t be disappointed!  You’ll be talking about the food for weeks and we’re sure you’ll be as hooked as us here at Nights Out In Newcastle.
We are really looking forward to seeing what Rub will come up with as they prepare to launch some of their new specials menu and famous food challenges like the tempting and terrifying work of genius below!
man vs food challenges
We had an thoroughly excellent night and cannot recommend Rub Smokehouse & Bar enough, whether it is for a quick cocktail to get your night started in style, grabbing a light but flavoursome bite or for a full blown food adventure.  We’ll definitely be back, again and again.   
Rub on the Tyne is a great addition to The Gate leisure development.  Bang in the center of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the new #EpicExperience of Rub Smokehouse & Bar on the Tyne is something you have to try, serving much loved ‘low n slow‘ meat dishes and a selection of amazing #epiccocktails.




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