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Rub 2-4-1 cocktail menu

Cocktails at The Rub Smokehouse & Bar on the Tyne

We always know we are going to get amazing food and a fun atmosphere in Rub Smokehouse.  This popular BBQ restaurant opened in The Gate leisure complex in the center of Newcastle earlier this October.   So we were super excited when they asked us back for their bloggers 2-4-1 cocktail event.

We had an epic night out last time they invited us for our blog and wondered what they had in store for us this time!  At Rub Smokehouse they are passionate about food, drink and creating a party atmosphere, and it really shows.

We were told we’d be sampling the whole of the 2-4-1 cocktail menu.  It’s a hard job but somebody has to do it!!!

Here at Nights Out In Newcastle we love a good cocktail, and last time we even managed to polish off a whole fishbowl and a Jerry Can full of Sailor Jerry.  With this in mind we wondered how they could possibly top this, but they did!

The cocktails at Rub Smokehouse are brain-child of twisted cocktail genius Joe Macbeth, the array of drinks is outstanding.   He recently achieved a milestone in his bartending career and managed to win at the Opihr Gin World Championship to take home a global bartending title.  His cocktail, Fragrant Harbour, was exquisitely presented, perfectly balanced and nailed him the top spot in this fiercely competitive global cocktail competition.

welcome drink

Welcome Drink…the first of many!!!

As we waited in anticipation we were snapped by the in house paparazzi and given a welcome drink, all while they organised and assembled the bloggers into teams of six.

As the only bloke at the blogger event I was a healthy mix of excited and terrified!  Luckily for me they all made me feel very welcome.

I was paired with from Zoe from With love, Zoe x, Kayleigh from The Original Redhead, Sarah from Tales From A Geordie Goth and Ruth from Pretty Little Gym Addict.  

With only five of us we were at an instant disadvantage and this meant just one thing.  More cocktails for us!!!

The way it worked was Joe talked us through how to make one of their cocktails and we were supposed to listen, take it all in, then carefully recreate the cocktail.  It was a great idea, an excellent way to break the ice and showcase some of their amazing drinks.

I would love to say we made each cocktail perfectly but it didn’t help when I messed up the measurements on the first and easiest cocktail, an old fashioned.  What can I say I like my whiskey.  Unfortunately, as our team came last (a theme of the night!) there was only one thing for it, I had to pay the price and sink a tequila slammer.

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Tequila dispatched next up was another cocktail classic, a Cosmopolitan.  Joe showed us how to make this iconic drink with vodkatriple seccranberry juice, and freshly squeezed or sweetened lime juice.  

The girls showed me how it is done and got stuck into the task at hand.  While this was one of the few rounds we did not loose.  It was actually a pretty good effort and could almost pass as a Cosmo, all be it a strong one!


The girls getting stuck in to making a Cosmopolitan

As the cocktails all blurred into one we tried our best to keep up with an occasional passable drink, like our Bramble.  A delicious coming together of together dry ginlemon juice, sugar syrup and Chambord

After all those cocktails we were relieved to see some of Rub Smokehouse’s delicious food come out.  We tucked in to a feast of nachos, veggie burritos and delicious pigs in blankets.

pigs in blankets at the rub smokehouse


The food was amazing and the Smokehouse flavour really blew us away.  We really enjoyed the sharing element of many of their dishes and it would be the perfect venue for a birthday party, Stag do or Hen Party.   They all have a clear passion for food, drink and creating a party atmosphere, and it really shines through in everything they do.


With all this delicious food inside it was time to wash it all down with another round of cocktails.  Each table was given it’s very own creation to recreate.  Next up for us was Rub’s very own version of a Woo Woo (That’s the sound of the police).  We started well with this one but it is safe to say our measuring skills had not improved and we crashed out of another round.

With our efforts falling a little short of the mark Joe decided to make us all a cocktail of our choosing.  I went for their American Voodoo and was not disappointed.  

House Voodoo Rum Grog, Spiced Pumpkin & Chestnut Syrup, Lemon Juice, Bitter Truth Creole Bitters, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice and American Beer.  

Rub’s Zombie twist, served in a shrunken head. 

american voodoo

“Packs a boozy punch!”.

It was a great show stopping cocktail with it’s shrunken head, full of booze but surprisingly smooth and drinkable.   They really don’t skimp on the booze at Rub Smokehouse.

We believe in proper measures and not skimping on the best ingredients so people get the real cocktail experience.  Ordering a cocktail should be a sense of occasion” said Joe.

I would definitely recommend trying one of these.  The spiced pumpkin brings a sweet element to it and you almost don’t notice how strong it is until you get the odd hit of booze as you drink through the layers.

As I hung on to my American Zombie and tried to stop people trying it we were told next it was our turn to freestyle and make our very own concoction.  I would love to tell you what was in it but I don’t think any of us remember, safe bet just to say a lot of everything.  A strange combination of a fruity boozy bottom with a popcorn and hazelnut foam on top.  It looked almost as bad as it tasted but somehow to our utter amazement we had not come last. Cheers Joe!

All in all it was a great night, we had some wonderful drinks from Joe and the crew at Rub Smokehouse & bar on the Tyne, plus some not so great ones from us!

I’d definitely recommend Rub’s for a cocktail as they love the sense of occasion and really pull out all the stops.  They have an amazing selection of cocktails available and we were blown away by the options.

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We had an thoroughly excellent night and cannot recommend Rub Smokehouse & Bar enough, whether it is for a quick cocktail to get your night started in style, grabbing a light but flavoursome bite or for a full blown food adventure.  We’ll definitely be back, again and again.    

A big thanks has to go to General manager James, cocktail genius Joe, plus Laura Dawson and Laura Pearlman from ELLEfluence for helping organise the event and keep all us drunken bloggers in line, cheers everyone.
Rub on the Tyne is a great addition to The Gate leisure development.  Bang in the center of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the new #EpicExperience of Rub Smokehouse & Bar on the Tyne is something you have to try, serving much loved ‘low n slow‘ meat dishes and a selection of amazing #epiccocktails.



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