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Royal Northern Sinfonia At The Oscars

Royal Northern Sinfonia At The Oscars

A night at the Sage Gateshead ~ a guest blog by Mandy Charlton

Taking place on Friday 10 March at 8pm in Sage One, RNS At The Oscars gives audiences a chance to experience cinematic music like never before, with Royal Northern Sinfonia presenting an evening of iconic Oscar-winning film scores from the likes of Harry Potter, Titanic, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.


I’ve loved live orchestral music ever since I first played tuned and untuned percussion in the school orchestra at the tender age of 14 but this was my first experience of the Royal Northern Sinfonia.

As a cinephile with a love of movie scores I couldn’t have chosen a better introduction, you’ve simply never lived until you’ve heard John William’s Imperial March played by a grand orchestra, every note and movement took me into the heart of the Millennium Falcon and when we moved into Leia’s Theme.  There were misty eyes amongst the audience as we remembered the late, great, Carrie Fisher in her most iconic role.

One moment we were on the death star and the next on the ill-fated maiden voyage of the Titanic with James Horner’s Titanic Suite, setting sail for disaster and for just a while, at least in the corners of my mind it was as if Leo and Kate were right there in the room with us.  This concert carried us through the furthest reaches of time and space, from Scotland with Jame’s Horner’s Braveheart to Africa with John Barry’s theme from Out of Africa.  All the great oscar winning and nominated scores were there, John William’s Harry Potters Wondrous world,  John William’s Indiana Jones Raiders March and of course that wonderful score by Howard Shore, from the Lord of The Rings, The Fellowship of The Rings.

The Royal Northern Sinfonia expertly conducted by Stephen Bell never missed a beat and if you’ve never witnessed live orchestral music before then these are the guys you need to see.  Did you know for that the RNS are the UK’s only full-time chamber orchestra?

Through every movement and film score I felt the tingles and on more than one occasion I felt goosebumps and shivers, the theme from Schindler’s List had the whole audience in reflective mood, especially as leader of the orchestra Bradley Creswick played the haunting violin solo.

For me, I could have easily sat through an extra half hour of this wonderful melodic music and when the orchestra launched into the last score, the Gigi Overture.  I couldn’t help but feel that the concert just wasn’t quite long enough, I wanted more and I can’t wait for my next visit when the RNS play The Music of Queen on April 29th, also in Sage One, judging by the crowds present for this concert I’d advise early booking as it’s almost certainly going to be a sell out.

~ a guest blog by Mandy Charlton




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