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the royal northern sinfonia does the music of queen

Royal Northern Sinfonia – Music of Queen review

Music of Queen blog review 

Royal Northern Sinfonia – Sage Gateshead – Sage One 29th April 2017

~ a guest blog by Mandy Charlton

With every review I write I try to be as unbiased as I possibly can so I am going to preface this one with the statement “Last nights concert was so good, I actually cried with joy and I think I’m becoming an R.N.S. Fangirl!”

Yes, I can’t lie, I actually loved every second of last nights performance which saw the beloved R.N.S. play over 20 of Queens greatest hits.

They opened with a big huge booming performance of Innuendo which surely shook the walls of Sage One, one of the best concert halls in the world (Ben Folds said that, I was there when he said it).  They closed with “We are the champions” (at least before the standing ovation and double encore) and every hit in between was gloriously spectacular.

Now the orchestra would have been good on it’s own but when added to it, the vocal talents of Oliver Tompsett, Julie Stark, Rachel Wooding and Jon Boydon (all who’ve previously played roles in the Queen musical We Will Rock You) it was the perfect synergy between live music, orchestral arrangement and powerful emotive vocal performances.

Last night was perfect, it really was so good that I had tears during a couple of the numbers, songs I’d grown up with like “You’re my best friend” or songs which mean something to me like “It’s A Hard Life

I don’t think one person in Sage One last night came away disappointed, as I was leaving I heard nothing but reports of the most excellent night spent enjoying the best kind of music.  I have a great love for all music, music which makes you feel and I think if you can strip back music and play it with an orchestra then it’s got to be good music.  The music of Queen is perfect for this because it’s part pop, part rock, part opera, it works so well as a musical performance and when you add to that the arrangements we listened to last night, it’s like a utopian musical adventure.

It’s hard for me to pick highlights because every single note played, every lyric sung was amazing, yes, for the eagle-eyed like me there was a moment when one of the over keen vocalists came out too early only to slink away when they realised their mistake but it didn’t inhibit anyone’s enjoyment.  

I did the Radio Gaga hands in the air, I did the We Will Rock You hands in the air and I waved my arms and swayed as We Are The Champions moved the entire concert hall orchestra.

Of every musical performance I’ve ever seen, of every live concert I’ve ever experienced, of every musical I’ve ever been to, this was the best night, something I will remember for the rest of my life and yes, I’ll be making sure I have a seat for each and every R.N.S. concert in the future, we are so lucky to have them, they are musically extraordinary.

~ a guest blog by Mandy Charlton

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