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Robin Hood blog review

Robin Hood – Playhouse, Whitley Bay

~ a guest blog by Mandy Charlton

When I first heard of the Robin Hood Easter Pantomime I was a little taken aback, I’d always assumed that Pantomimes were a Christmas affair but no, apparently the Easter pantomime is growing in popularity and it’s unsurprising really, Pantomimes are an escape from reality, one night filled with bad jokes, silly dances and lots of musical numbers, in that respect Robin Hood fully filled it’s quota!

I suspect that we didn’t get a serious retelling of the legend of Robin Hood, I don’t for instance remember excerpts from Matilda in the original story but I for one was not complaining, in fact I would go so far as to say I and my 13-year-old daughter both sang along to “Naughty”.

robin hood

Another surprise was the casting of Pop Idol runner-up Gareth Gates in the role of Robin Hood and  Graham Cole (of PC Tony Stamp from The Bill fame), curious bedfellows but it just kind of worked, I wonder how happy Gareth is to be jumping around in tights being silly for small audiences of hundreds rather than performing as a pop star in front of thousands but he certainly looked like he was having fun.  They all did, the cast looked like they were having the time of their lives.

Maid Marion played by Eva Mckenna has a big beautiful voice and is surely a star of the future and the comic timings of Ryan Greaves as Wally Scarlett and Phylp Harries as Dame Dolly were without fault even if there were a few moments of corpsing during the show, that only added to the fun though and I’m pretty sure the kids didn’t even notice.  I must also give special mention to Keely Fitzgerald another rising star who can sing, dance, act and she’s hilarious too, the role of Fairy Cher definitely fitted her bubbly personality and she surely has a long and promising career ahead of her.

One last mention goes to Zippy and George, whom, my 13-year-old only briefly knew of, well they were stars when I was a small one and that was many years ago, they seem to be able to continually delight kids of all ages though so no sign of retirement for these two just yet!

Robin Hood is playing all over the country until the end of this week with another two performances at Playhouse Whitley Bay this very day, if you have nothing to do with the kids today, go, see this show, you’ll thank me for encouraging you!

~ a guest blog by Mandy Charlton




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