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Ricky Ross Short Stories Vol 1

Ricky Ross – Short Stories Vol 1 – Sage Gateshead

~ a guest blog by Mandy Charlton


The year was 1990, my boyfriend at the time and I would sit in the Phoenix Pub in Cramlington whilst I endlessly played the music of Deacon Blue on the Jukebox, I’d fallen in love with them throughout my teenage years and it’s a love that has lasted just as they have.  I’ve never seen Deacon Blue live thought an evening with front man Ricky Ross was just too good to pass up and so we huddled, my friend and I, into the 10 sided intimate venue that is Sage 2 to listen to one man, his piano (and sometimes his guitar) and his beautiful melodic voice.

I hadn’t had time to listen to any of his new stuff before the evening so I wasn’t sure what to expect, what we got was simply breathtaking, his rich vocals telling stories of his past, his present and possibly his future whilst his fingers hammered out the most enchanting melodies.

It seemed at times weird that we were seeing him on his own, without Lorraine and some of the classics of the Deacon Blue catalogue were played acoustically, beautifully, differently to anytime I’d heard them before.

The crowd whooped with delight as the opening bars of “When will you make my phone ring” just as they did when he played “Wages Day” and “Loaded”, oh and I must mention his new acoustic version of “Raintown” one of my favourite Deacon Blue songs.

Ricky also introduced us to new numbers such as “Only God and Dogs” which is sung by the dog and let me tell you, both my friend and I got just a little teary as we thought of our own very special four pawed friends.  

There were also moments of audience participation as the audience became the backing choir during “The Germans are Out Today”.  I think Sage 2 has the ability to turn any audience into a choir, the acoustics of that room are so good.

For me, I guess Ricky Ross will always have a special place in my heart, after all, it was his music which saw me through my teenage years, through my first relationship where I actually fell properly in love and Ricky has the ability to do that, the tone in his voice is even richer now than it ever was.  What I would say though, if you have never heard a Ricky Ross song before, take yourself to a comfy place and listen through headphones and let yourself be transported to another place entire, a place where stories can be told through the wonder of one man and his piano.


For more information on what’s on at the Sage Gateshead click here.

~ a guest blog by Mandy Charlton


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