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PizzaStorm Newcastle review

PizzaStorm – Intu Eldon Square, Newcastle

~ a guest blog for Nights Out In Newcastle by Melissa Nicholson


Where can you make your own pizza and have it cooked in within 5 minutes?  At PizzaStorm you can!!!

Here at Nights Out In Newcastle we are great fans of all things Pizza and we were super excited to be asked to review the food at PizzaStorm Newcastle.  I had not been before and was interested to see what it was all about.


“PizzaStorm was born from a group of playful food lovers who had a shared vision to bring fast & fresh pizza to the UK in double quick-time”.


Their restaurant in the new Intu Eldon Square development is part of a major overhaul of food outlets in town and brings “Your Pizza Fast” to Newcastle.  We decided to put this slogan to the test and popped in for bite to eat.  We arrived at 1pm and were given a warm welcome by the friendly staff, one of which was enticing passersby with a free slices of freshly cooked pizza.  


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Not having been to PizzaStorm Newcastle before we were shown to our seats and we were introduced to the menu.  The concept is simple, pizza without the wait.  Or awkward debating on what topping you do or don’t want!

You can either create your own pizza, go for a quick and easy cheese and tomato or choose from one of the 6 PizzaStorm Originals.  Featuring their special versions of the classics such as “This little Piggy had BBQ“, a pure porkfest if ever I’ve seen one, this comes with a BBQ sauce based pulled pork, mozzarella shavings, roasted white onions, red onions and red and yellow peppers for good measure!  It is safe to say they don’t spare the toppings like some places and really go to town with their creations.  

If you are being healthy or if pizza isn’t your thing, then you can also make your own salad.  You’ll be pleased to hear it’s not just a small wilted bunch of leaves but a big fresh salad with the choice of veg, lettuce, cheese, meats, fish and toppings such as croutons or caesar dressing.  

As nice a concept as this sounds we were certainly not going to turn down Pizza!


“Unless you are a pizza, the answer is yes, I can live without you.” ~ Bill Murray


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At first glance we were over whelmed with the amount of toppings on offer, all in all 50, and we were undecided on what to go for, but the temptation to make our own pizza was too strong….and we both decided to make out own!!!  

For £5.95 you can pack your very own stone-baked pizza with everything you want.  Yes, everything!  We looked through all the toppings and made our way to the counter where the pizza are prepared.  It’s safe to say I changed my mind by the time I got there at least three times but that is the real beauty of it, you’re the boss, you decide which toppings to go for, and all at no extra cost.

We picked our bases, I went for spicy tomato and my partner in crime chose the classic tomato sauce (yawn!).  

They were spread on nice thin bases.  It is always a point of contention if you think pizza bases should be thin and crispy at the edges like the traditional Italian style or deep and doughy like the New York style.  For me there is only one winner, thin crust every time!  


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Next up was the all important cheese.  I chose to have two cheeses, mozzarella and cheddar, and I was happy to see there was no skimping on the cheese, you can have as much or as little as you want and the staff will ask if you want more before you add the next topping.  My companion seemed a little dazed by the lights or something as they just copied me after a brief cheese induced panic!  There was an excellent selection with mozzarella balls, ricotta and parmesan also available. 


“How can anyone govern a nation that has two hundred and forty-six different kinds of cheese?” ~ Charles de Gaulle


After that I added my topping of chargrilled courgette, mushrooms, jalapenos and red onion.  There was a great selection of veg available and it was hard to know when to stop!  There was all the usual suspects like olives peppers and slow roasted tomatoes plus plenty of variation with spinach, chillies, garlic and pineapple for the adventurous (or just weird) out there.  Being a veggie my companion was spoilt for choice.  They decided on mushrooms, jalapeños, sweetcorn and butternut squash.  I was surprised they did not go for more but I suppose that is the point, you make the pizza exactly how you like. 

Then it was to the meat and what a feast it looked, the choice was huge.  Amongst the wide selection available was spicy sausage, piri piri chicken, spicy beef, meatballs and chorizo.  As well as anchovies and tuna for the fish lovers.  Having changed my mind three times in the space of seconds (something the staff looked all to used to!) I went for BBQ pulled pork and a last-minute addition of pepperoni.  

Next it was over to the oven where the pizza are cooked to perfection. 


“Our sizzling hot PizzaStorm oven fires up the freshest pizzas in the blink of an eye (or 180 seconds) thanks to its scorching 900 degree heat – so you can craft your own PizzaStorm or choose from our Hall of Flames; ready to enjoy within five minutes”.



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We decide to add garlic bread bites, lovely little balls of dough with a light coating of garlic butter, I didn’t share many of these with my partner in crime, and they were delicious and certainly hit the spot.  I went for the unlimited soda and my accomplice had a refreshing beer.   The unlimited refills in great to see, I hate it when places charge a fortune for measly servings of soft drinks and then under-fill.  The unlimited idea is the way forward, and hope to see more places in town adopting this option!


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No sooner had we sat down that out order was called out.  Fresh pizza in under 5 minutes and cooked to perfection, pre-cut, ready to be eaten.   After our first bite we were hooked, the flavours from the spicy tomato base to the chargrilled courgette was bursting in my mouth.  

You can also add other finishings and seasoning to your pizza, I added chili flakes and some cracked black pepper, nothing else was needed.  But if you are feeling adventurous there is a host of options, as well as side dips for 50p and a whole range of oils, condiments and sauces.

This was an 11inches of yumminess and I was certainly full from eating the lot but I didn’t have that awful overstuffed feeling that you have when you’ve eaten too much, if you can’t handle 11 inches you can opt for the 6inch base (why would you do this?).  11 inches was the right amount for me.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely go again.




My companion enjoyed their veggie feast too, going spicy with some chilli flakes and Sriracha sauce.  

The speed of the food was amazing.  For the amount of time that we took deciding, changing our minds and then finally picking our toppings plus waited for our pizza other restaurants close by hadn’t even brought out starters. PizzaStorm have certainly mastered the fast pizza!!!  It is a great idea, especially for those with kids.  There is nothing worse than a big wait when you have children with you and you often find by the time it arrives they have lost interest, misunderstood the menu or changed their mind after pigging out on starters.  This way they are straight in, picking their pizza and seeing it cook before there very eyes.   It is also fab for the lunchtime crowd during the week who need lunch in a hurry on their lunch break.

As we looked about the restaurant we noticed that all ages were coming in to enjoy the pizza, it’s a great stop off point to spend 30 minutes off your feet from shopping or to feed your starving brood, it was actually good to see families interacting and creating their own pizzas, kids were having great fun picking what they wanted whilst giving mum and dad a break.




If you get the urge to have a pizza and you only have the time for a quick pit stop PizzaStorm is definitely the place to head too.  

More and more places seem to be going for gimmicks to stand out from the crowd, such as the largest man vs food portions, crazy bizarre combinations or ever stranger and stranger decor.  At PizzaStorm there is none of that.  Just quick and delicious food.  It is putting the fast back into fast food and giving you the choice of unlimited toppings.  


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After our pizza feast we let that settle a little before trying desperately to make some more room for the next course, the unlimited ice cream!   It was classic soft scoop (the kind you get at an ice-cream van).  Perfectly airy and light, which was good bearing in mind how much I poured out.   

My companion showed amazing restraint and went for a normal portion before deciding on strawberry sauce (or Monkeys Blood as it’s known to most Geordies). 


pizzastorm newcastle


I of course went to town and completely over-filled my tub with ice cream and then smothered it further with toffee sauce (not going to lie, a lot of this ended up over my face).  


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This was a perfect finish to a really quick but delicious lunch.  I like the idea of the fast and unpretentious service, plus the price and unlimited toppings are a great selling point, I really like the concept of PizzaStorm and will be popping in again to try some more combinations soon.  

After all “It’s always Pizza O’clock”.


~ a guest blog for Nights Out In Newcastle by Melissa Nicholson




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