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Red’s BBQ Pit Master Experience Is For The True Believers

~ a guest blog by Cheish Merryweather


True believers of the holy trinity that is BBQ, beer and bourbon are going to be overjoyed to hear that The Red’s Pitmaster Experience is back. We headed along to try out first hand this four-course journey through American BBQ told by those who have a real passion for it.

On arrival at Red’s BBQ, we enjoyed a pint of Legitimate German-style lager, which isn’t too heavy – perfect for when you’re set for an evening where the courses just keep on coming.

We love Legitimate Industries, not only for their amazing beer but also for their fantastic marketing videos!  


Then we were introduced to the ‘storytellers’ of the night from Legitimate Industries and Maverick Drinks who led us through the evening; hearing their passionate stories and seeing a real love for what they do makes you feel very early on in the experience that you’re part of something truly special.

red's bbq pitmaster experience

First up: The Freak BBQ Mary “Stocktail” – just like a classic Bloody Mary but this version they’ve thrown out the vodka, replaced the alcohol with bourbon and stacked ‘smoked extras’ on top. If they ever want to market this as the perfect hangover cocktail they really wouldn’t be lying. Then came our first bourbon named Contradiction – one of favourites of the night with the perfect buttery taste and continued vanilla on the long finish.

Next up, we’re off to try some New York Style Smokin Little Plates.

Story 2 is Smoked pork belly pastrami and pickled cider cabbage, Finger lickin’ good; Parmesan-crusted boneless wing, with a smoked egg & truffle casserole ‘dipper’, Smokey Burnt Ends-loaded mac-n-cheese, and crispy onions. This is one course that really hits the spot – impressively the chicken wing’s bone has been removed without piercing the skin and if you dunk the wing into the smoked egg & truffle casserole then you’re really in heaven.

The bourbon paired with this story is a Ragtime Rye from the family run New York Distilling Co. Then came one of the nicest beers we have ever had the pleasure of tasting – a 10.4% Raspberry Belgian Quad aged in pinot barrels for 1 year; Legitimate Industries have really knocked it out the park with this one however due to it’s strength it will just have to be kept as a nice treat once in a while.

Story 3 comes round next with the Texas: Lone Star Land n’ Sea. For this course we get LAND: Smoked short rib, marrow mash, horseradish and chargrilled, baby gem lettuce, with a brisket & marrow ‘tater bite. Keep the bone for luging your bourbon! SEA: BBQ buttered-Cod parcel. The standout on this dish for me was the buttered cod parcel, you have to tear open the foil bag when the plate hits your table and you’ve got yourself a real succulent treat with juices still running. Paired up with Brimstone Texas Scrub Oak Smoked and a 6.5% IPA ‘Suspect Cargo’ with botanicals.

Now it’s time for dessert, the trick here is to take your Old Fashioned Ambrosia Fruit Salad, dig a hole down the middle and pour in just a dash of the Few Bourbon that comes alongside.

This is the ultimate treat for anyone who loves their BBQ, Bourbon and Beer. With plenty of competitors in the city all in the running for ‘Newcastle’s best BBQ’ it’s this passionate experience and foodie theatre that sets Red’s BBQ ahead of the pack. Amen!

For more information on Red’s BBQ Pit Master Experience visit there website here.


~ a guest blog by Cheish Merryweather




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