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Newcastle vs Liverpool

Newcastle take on Liverpool

1st October 2017 – 4:30 pm kick off


Newcastle last played Liverpool in the Premier League in April 2016, in a tight 2-2 draw.   We went 1-0 down after just 2 minutes that day to a Daniel Sturridge goal.  Things got even worse when we went 2-0 down after only 30 minutes!  But we battled back after goals from Papiss Cisse and Jack Colback.  

It’s safe to say here at Nights Out In Newcastle we would love a repeat result or even better, a huge home win!  But does it look likely?  Well every pundit across the land will be voicing their option but if it’s in-depth expert football expertise you want you are not in the right place.  What we do know is entertainment though! So whether you are from the North East or visiting from Liverpool we have everything you need for a great day out.

So check out our brand new Match Day Guide.  

Jam packed full of helpful information, a map of the ground, travel links and where to go for food and drink.  So if your hungry on the day we have the best places in Toon to grab some bait.  Or if you’re looking for a pub where you can get a quick pint we have just the thing for you!  

We know it is all to hard for all those travelling scouse fans to get around in Night Out In Newcastle, so we’ve included our handy Geordie Translator.  No guide to Newcastle would be complete without it to help you avoid any confusing conversations when your trying to find the nearest kebab shop!  So here is a few commonly used sayings you’ll need to get to grasp with:


Howay, Man – probably the most used and well known this simply means come on or hurry up.  Howay, man! Wha ye doing?’

Gan – go

Doon – down

Toon – Newcastle.  ‘I’m gannin doon the toon’.

Mortal – drunk.  ‘I was completely frickin mortal last meet!’

Paggered – very tired. ‘I’m completely paggered the neet.”

Tash On – to kiss someone.  Howay, Man! I’m trying to get me Tash On with this lass!’

Gadgie – a man.  ‘What’s that Gadgie over there dooin?’

Radgie – bad tempered person .  ‘Watch out for that Radgie Gadgie.

Workyticket – someone being mischievous or annoying on purpose.  ‘That gadgie is a reet workyticket.’

Hacky – dirty look.  ‘That gadgie is givin me reet hackies.’ 

Scran – food.  ‘Proper in the mood for some scran now.’

Monkeys Blood – The raspberry/strawberry sauce on an ice cream (probably the one that takes even the most of acclimatised people by surprise). ‘Can I have monkey’s blood on me cornet?’

Netty – the toilet.  ‘Whees in the netty.’


So night out aside what can we expect from the game?  Well Newcastle are flying high at the minute with some great performances but then a disappointing show away at Brighton, and Liverpool are stuttering somewhat, all be it against good opposition but then grabbed a somewhat fortuitous win against Leicester.  We expect Liverpool to turn it on, they always seem to against Newcastle!  However fear not, our prediction is Newcastle to repeat history and pinch a draw at the whistle with a cheeky 2-2 scoreline, maybe even a Shelvey effort in the top corner (calm down! calm down!).  But then what do we know?  

Either way, whoever you support we hope you have a great time (and Newcastle win! Of Course).

Think you know the score?  Let us here your prediction, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates, option and more.  Use our hashtag #NightsOutInNewcastle to share your nights out, photos and banter.


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