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Local Cheeseburger Legends THE GRIND Announce New Pop-Up Restaurant 

Since March this year, The Grind has become somewhat of a local legend after rapidly establishing themselves as one of Newcastle’s most exciting street food traders.  They have spent the summer smashing patties and steaming buns to utter perfection and are now pleased to announce their very first pop-up restaurant will be in the city centre’s award winning late night bar No28 on Nelson Street.

Located just off Grainger Street, The Grind will be cooking up a menu of epic grill smashed cheeseburger perfection alongside a few additions especially for their winter residency at No28.  The best news in on Friday, 21st October from 5pm, The Grind will be serving up FREE burgers to the first 50 fans through the door and for those who wish to join in their welcome party thereafter – discounted burgers for just £3.

The Grind has already gained hoards of fans on social media and some of the highlighted comments have been: “These boys don’t make burgers they make art” and “The best burger I’ve ever had”, so they are expecting a good turn out and recommend those who wish to join their welcome party to arrive early.

Allan of The Grind said, “We are extremely excited to be joining forces with No28. The Grind’s focus is on producing the best cheeseburgers this side of the pond, inspired by many trips stateside, and frustrated that the only options in the Newcastle were up-scaled ‘gourmet’ burgers that seem to lose the very essence of what is good about American cheeseburgers, that being an affordable, quick and delicious meal.

Tom added, “We’ve worked really hard, experimenting with different cuts off beef, grinding it in specific ways, altering the fat content and perfecting the smash method to create the perfectly juicy, yet crunchy burger patty. We’ve gone a step further than that though, adding our homemade sauces and relishes, proper cheese and having a slow proved bun custom baked for us that once steamed on the grill melds the whole thing together into what we feel is a little piece of cheeseburger heaven.

Allan added, “It’s a moment to be savoured, a cohesive flavour experience that makes the The Grind distinct and quite possibly the best cheese burger you’ve ever had.

No28’s general manager Iain Dunn said, “As we move into our busy festive season at No28, and with the addition of Newcastle’s best cheeseburgers, we are looking forward to an excellent Christmas and New Year.  We will be serving loyal fans of the bar and new customers The Grind’s brand of real American cheeseburgers all winter long.”



How The Grind Creates The Best Cheeseburgers

The Grind

Grind burgers are course ground daily with choice cuts to give the perfect proportion of protein and fat. This is important as it’s what makes a burger juicy and it’s what aids the rapid formation of a crust.  Fat is not a dirty word, lean burgers are bad burgers.  Ours are not mixed, pressed or bound in any way and it’s this loose texture that allows pockets of juices and molten cheese to collect

The Smash

The Grind smash their burgers onto a raging hot grill, pressing the meat down hard as soon as it hits the grill, creating extra contact and increasing the browning process known as the maillard reaction.  This adds buckets of extra flavour and helps lock in the juices.

The Stack

After this The Grind add real cheese to their burgers, load the up with their signature sauces and relishes and pop on the crowning glory, an exclusively baked, slow proved bun that has just the right amount of give and so much flavour.

The Steam

Next it’s the steam, popping the burger under a cloche, a splash of water bubbles and steams on the grill warming the bread, melting the cheese and melting all the flavours into a cohesive, flavour packet little cheeseburger.

The Taste

All this attention to detail that makes the cheeseburger what it is and we are sure you will agree.  A textural masterpiece and a delicious eat that’s great value to boot!



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