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Meet The North review

Meet The North review

We were lucky enough to get some tickets to see Hit The North and Meet The North on the 28th and 29th April last week.  

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Newcastle first City Centre Multi Venue Music Festival Hit The North launched on April 28th 2017, but the night before saw young up and coming bands from the North East and further afield come together for Meet The North.  We popped along to see what it was all about.


meet the north 2017


We arrived just before 7pm at Think Tank? in Digital and quickly grabbed a beer as the first band started.  Originally starting up as a pop up venue at Newcastles Creative Hub Hoults Yard, Think Tank? is all about helping promote National & Local artists.  They have moved to several venues across the city bringing events to the north east but for tonight they were at home in Digital in Times Square, just by the Centre for Life.

think tank?

The venue was intimate and the crowd a mix of young music lovers, older event goers and a smattering of press grabbing footage of the event.  It had a real laid back atmosphere with none of the pretentiousness you get at some events, being the opening act the crowds were not massive but you could tell most people there were big music fans.

The Hubbards were just starting, this alternative Indie band from Hull were a great opening act.  The Hubbards were featured in Hull’s “Ones to watch” section of its “City of Culture 2017” guide.   

Each set was only half and hour so it was a chance to showcase their new material and promote their new single Just Touch.

the hubbards

I must admit I had not come across The Hubbards before but really enjoyed their set.  It was a great opener for a jam packed night of music.  

If you want to check out The Hubbards you can find them here or follow them on Facebook.



First band done we decided to switch venues for the next act.  The acts, approximately 50 in all were shared out between multiple venues across the city, giving people a chance to check out different genres at different locations.  

This could have proven a gargantuan task, working out who to see and where but it was made easy by their handy app.  

This was a great idea and meant you could work out where and when to go with ease.  Next up for us was a trip to Riverside to see Keiandra.  

A local Keaindra is a Newcastle based singer-songwriter, her alternative expansive soundscapes have a haunting quality with an etherial folk feel.  She appeared on the scene with her debut single Wanted in 2015 

Beers downed we set off down the hill to Riverside and arrived just in time as her and her band completed the sound checks and got ready to perform.

Again the half hour set was a great chance to showcase her new music with the release of her single Milk Tooth late last year.

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I really enjoyed her set, and it seemed to fly by with her haunting melodies captivating the crowd, as they swayed along gently to the songs.  

It was a very different crowd to The Hubbards but they were clearly big fans of Keiandra,  singing along with gusto as she sang her debut hit Wanted.

If you want to check out Keiandra more,  you can visit her website here or follow her on Facebook.

With her set finished we were off again, this time up the hill to Brewdog. We arrived for the last couple of songs by Gateshead 3 piece alternative rock band Duchess.  They were a great fit for the Brewdog and I really wish we had seen more of them to be honest.  I really enjoyed what I saw of them and will be keeping an eye out for them in future.

Like any festival or event like this the trick is timing and knowing what you want to see.  Next time I will have to do my homework a bit more and brush up on who to see and when!

We grabbed a quick Punk IPA and worked out our schedule.  

It was time to split up as we both wanted to see different bands.  I opted for the long walk over back to Digital – Think Tank? for Model Aeroplanes while my esteemed colleague settled in for Massa Confusa in the Brewdog.

He really enjoyed it and stayed at the venue for Casual Threats and Bares sets after.

I must admit I was thinking he may have had the right idea as my legs burned from the fast walk across town to Times Square but all my doubts disappeared in seconds as upbeat indie pop foursome Model Aeroplanes kicked off their set with some high octane tunes.  They were my highlight of the night with some great songs getting the crowd dancing to the beat.  

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The venue was jumping by this point and everyone was enjoying themselves.  The bands energy got everyone moving, especially when they played Club Low.  I really liked their set and could have happily had another half hour but unfortunately like all good things it had to come to an end. 

If you want to check out Model Aeroplanes more,  you can visit her website here or follow her on Facebook.

Next up was Plastic Mermaids.  I had never heard of these guys before but was pleasantly surprised with their unique and extravagant performance which really set them apart from other acts, I was really glad I stayed for this one as it was a real eye opener and the band performed brilliantly. 

This was the great thing about Meet The North, as it was a chance to see a wide range of bands I might not have normally seen.  I have become somewhat addicted to watching the Plastic Mermaids bizarre, psychedelic and beautifully made videos and definitely recommend checking them out on YouTube!

If you want to check out Plastic Mermaids more,  you can visit her website here or follow her on Facebook.

I finished off my beer and trekked once more down the hill to Riverside to meet up with my friend again and see our last band of the night Little Comets.

I had really been looking forward to seeing these guys.  Heralding from Newcastle this band is set for great things and were the perfect act to close the night with a bang.  We settled in amongst the expectant crowd as the band came on stage.

Their set was amazing, their home support loved every minute of it and it was easy to see why.

In the past the band have had a novel approach to promoting their music with “Guerrilla Gigs“, turning up unannounced at weird and wonderful venues, setting up their equipment in an ad hoc fashion, then performing!  Their recent success has not dampened their impish mood with the band completing a bold, if perhaps a little foolhardy move as they became the first band ever to complete a gig around the Great North Run!  Yes, that happened!  

You can read more about their attempt in their blog here.

It was a great set and finished the night perfectly.

If you want to check out Little Comets more,  you can visit her website here or follow her on Facebook.  Their new album “Worhead” came out in March this year and is available on iTunes here.

We would definitely recommend Meet The North as a great chance to see up and coming bands, both local and from further afield.  As warm up acts go this was the perfect one and we cannot wait to see what Hit The North has to offer too.

For more information on Meet The North and Hit The North visit their website here.






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