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Manic Street Preachers live from Times Square

Manic Street Preachers come to Newcastle

~ a guest blog review by Cheish Merryweather


Manic Street Preachers proved they still win the heart of the North East as they filled the Live at Times Square venue on Saturday night to capacity.  The Welsh rockers were certainly one of the most experienced bands featured on the two-week lineup with twelve albums of hit tracks under their belt.

Before they took to the stage, electro-rockers Public Service Broadcasting delighted fans with an hour-long set.  The South London band are both entertainers and educators as soundbites from the Apollo 11 take off during the dramatic race for space in 1969 play throughout their track Go!.  They nail nerd culture as even the drummer shows up in an immaculate shirt, tie and hipster spectacles.  Despite the heavy rain, the large crowd grabbed at the complimentary rain macs as everyone danced throughout the set.

Next up was The Cribs who played with a lot of emotional intensity.  The trio from Wakefield clearly have quite the fan following in Newcastle as the crowd enjoyed a sing-a-long.  This is one band who play for the fans and enjoy the buzz of a live audience with an upcoming tour taking them to the U.S. and Mexico. From the first song, Come On, Be A No-One, to the encore that featured Men’s Needs and Pink Snow – they brought a lot of fun to the evening.

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Now the crowd was pumped up it was time to bring the main event to the stage – Manic Street Preachers.  They opened the set with Motorcycle Emptiness followed by Everything Must Go from the triple platinum selling album of the same name – it was clear from the start everyone was in safe hands with a confident start to the evening (as mentioned earlier these guys have all the experience).

Their other hits Your Love Alone Is Not Enough, You Stole the Sun From My Heart, Kevin Carter and Ocean Spray made an expected appearance.  The set was also sprinkled with some local humor as they joked their track Tsunami could be changed to “Toon Army” which prompted some chuffed chants from the crowd.

Then the encore A Design for Life ended the show as the crowd heard they were a “10 out of 10” audience. Proving there was love all around that evening. Once again, another excellent show from the Live at Times Square promoters.


~ a guest blog review by Cheish Merryweather




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