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Lets Twist Again Review

Lets Twist Again at Playhouse Whitley Bay review

~a guest blog by Sprog on the Tyne.

Having grown up with Radio 2’s Sounds of the Sixties, I was thrilled to be invited along to Let’s Twist Again at the Whitley Bay Playhouse.  The sixties music was thrust upon me in my teenage years, and whilst at the time I would have far rather have been listening to Busted than The Beatles, I’m now grateful that my parents remained firm on the music choices on those long car journeys.  My music education continued when I worked for a couple of months in a 70s themed bar, and the music of Let’s Twist Again brought back memories of singing along with my mum to Cilla,and pulling pints to Elvis. 

Whitley Bay Playhouse is a great venue. It’s central and easy to get to, and inside its modern with comfortable, roomy seats.  The show was performed on a Friday, and my sister joined me for a bit of a girls night out.  We were surprised when we got in the theatre that it wasn’t full, but the atmosphere more than made up for it.  There was an eclectic mix of people in the audience, lots of big groups of friends, some older people who had enjoyed the music the first time around, and even a couple of very enthusiastic and well-behaved children too. 

I hadn’t been exactly sure what to expect from Let’s Twist Again, it wasn’t a musical, but from the information on the website it didn’t look like it was a straight concert either.  When the curtains went up we didn’t have to wait long before we found out what we were in for that evening.  The backdrop to the stage was set like a 50s diner, and the four piece band were in situ, our compare for the night welcomed us and introduced himself, giving us an endearing but fairly accurate warning that his jokes for the evening would be cheesy.  Once greeted he told us a bit about the show, that we would be treated to five singing performers, plus the live band and that the music would be intermixed with some jokes and reminiscing from him. 

lets twist again at the playhouse whitley bay

Without further ado we were on to the music. Every song was a big one, and there were none that I didn’t recognise.  The greats were all covered including Sandi Shaw, Lulu, The Drifters, Frankie Valli and loads more.  The singers would alternate from singing in a group to performing solo, most of the time going the whole hog with outfits and wigs like the original acts. The energy from all of the singers’ performances was brilliant, and their voices were excellent.  Particular audience favourites were Dusty Springsteen, and Elvis who performed twice with the mannerisms and sense of humour which the crowd loved.  After the interval the inhibitions from the crowd had been lost and lots of the audience were on their feet and whole heartedly singing along.  Not least to the Beatles set which came at the end of the night. When all of the five singers came on stage together to sing Hey Jude it felt like all of Whitley Bay was waving their arms and swinging along with them. 

Both my sister and I left on a real high. Singing the songs as we half walked, half danced out the door. We’d had a great night. The cast were waiting in the foyer happy to chat with people and pose for photos, which was lovely.  I would recommend Let Twist Again to anyone looking for a good old-fashioned night out, with great performances and brilliant atmosphere. 

~a guest blog by Sprog on the Tyne.


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