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Leo Sayer at the Playhouse

Leo Sayer: Live in Concert 2017

On Saturday, I attended the Leo Sayer’s concert at Playhouse Whitley Bay.  When we arrived at the playhouse, the people at the door greeted us and directed us to the box office where we were to pick our tickets up from.  Once the tickets had been picked up it was time to head to the bar, we opted for 2 glasses of white wine.  With drinks in hand, we headed upstairs where it was a lot quieter and started discussing the songs we hoped he would play that night.

Before we knew it, it was time to head into the auditorium, our tickets positioned us right in the middle about half way back, they were brilliant seats and you could see everything from where we were sat.

The first act came on at 7.30, it was a solo artist called Ben Maggs, the crowd at Whitley Bay Playhouse was the largest crowd he had played to, to date, he sang numerous songs such as – The Travellers Song & Bread of life.  You can hear more of his music here.  By the time Ben had finished his act the crowd were in high spirits and ready to dance the night away.

There was a short interval at 7.50pm, everyone made their way to the toilets or for another drink ready for Leo coming on at 8.15pm.  Once everyone had taken to their seats, it was time for Leo Sayers to start, he burst out onto the stage, and had amazing interaction with the crowd as soon as he came on.  He started off with some brilliant old-time classics such as “Dancing the night away” and “One man Band“, once the crowd had warmed up he moved onto the disco part of the show, with songs such as “Thunder in my heart” & “You make me feel like dancing“, at this point most of the crowd were on their feet dancing.  He even pulled three women in the audience onto the stage giving them the mike to sing parts of “You make me feel like dancing“.

The band Leo was playing with consisted of four men, one on the electric guitar, one on keyboard, drums & Bass Guitar, all four were amazingly talented and had great on stage chemistry with Leo.

Once the show had finished, the crowd were still wanting more, as they chanted “Leo, Leo” he bounced back on stage and played one more song much to the crowd’s delight.

Leo Sayers was an incredible concert, he was full of energy the whole show, with his dancing and harmonica skills, and his interaction with the crowd the full night.

Once the show was over we headed out of the auditorium, where they had a stand of Leo Sayers memorabilia, as well as a stand where Ben Maggs was stood (the first act) selling his music.

Overall this was a fantastic show, so much so we were still singing his songs all the way home.  Would definitely recommend Leo Sayers to anyone who is looking for a fun filled night locally at a reasonable price.


Written by Katie, from ELLEfluence

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Disclaimer: Tickets were provided complimentary, all views are our own.  Read more about disclosure here.




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