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John Legend at the Metro Radio Arena

John Legend 

~ a guest blog review by Cheish Merryweather


John Legend’s Darkness and Light arena tour took to the stage last night at Metro Radio Arena to promote his fifth studio album by the same name.

Floating in on a giant grand piano, his voice echoed around the partially full arena as he serenaded the crowd with his opening number I Know Better. Visually, the set is outstanding and for one man, a piano and a microphone stand it adds drama to what would have been an otherwise a laid-back aesthetic.

Moving to the front for his next song Penthouse Floor, his charismatic smile and confident struts across the stage delighted his fans. The star of soul urged everyone to get up on their feet and dance the night away – the audience did as requested but with a lack of big R&B numbers, or really anything you comfortably swing your hips too, the audience just became a sea of faces obediently staring at the star.


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With ten Grammy Awards in his trophy cabinet at home and an Oscar for Best Song from Selma (2015), his songwriting skills cannot be denied. Overall, Legend would be better placed in the City Hall than taking on such an ambitious arena tour. He appears more confident when sat in his comfort zone in front of the piano rather than carrying out a choreographed routine up front.

By the time the encore came around featuring All of Me and Glory – the crowd was satisfied as he had successfully served up all his well-known hits. Overall, Legend’s performance was one for the true fans and everyone left the Metro Radio Arena still singing along. 


~ a guest blog review by Cheish Merryweather




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