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Jess Glynne at Alnwick Castle

Jess Glynne at Alnwick Castle review


~a guest blog by Ashleigh Swan from Ashleigh Money Saver


When I was asked to go and review the Jess Glynne concert at Alnwick Castle I jumped at the chance!  I decided to take my husband, Aaron, with me because I had taken him to his first concert last year, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at Metro Radio Arena, and he absolutely loved it and he vowed to go to more shows!

I am a huge music fan and love nothing more than going to concerts.  While most people go to concerts for the fun of enjoying themselves with their friends and seeing their favourite singers, I head there to hear my favourite singers actually sing live (well, most of them anyway).  You see, I have a huge love for acoustic and live singing and I don’t think stars do it enough!  So a concert is where my love for acoustic and live singing is fulfilled and I am in my element.

To be honest, I always rate live singers against Jessie J, she is hugely underrated and unbelievable live, she will literally blow you away.  So, how will Jess live up to my infatuation with Jessie? well, let’s find out…

Having been a fan of Jess Glynne for many years and not yet had the opportunity to see her live I was looking forward to the show and hearing some of her smash hits including ‘Rather Be’, ‘Take Me Home’, ’Hold My Hand’ and ‘Real Love’ as well as many others. 

I have only been to one outdoor concert before which was Summer Nights Live at Durham Cricket club with bands such as Blue, Atomic Kitten and Five.  While it was a great show, I felt it was poorly organised because there was a lot of pushing and shoving by drunk women in the crowds who were trying their hardest to get a little closer to Duncan from Blue – sorry love, not going to happen, he’s mine! 

However, at Jess Glynne’s concert at Alnwick Castle, from the get go everything seemed so much more organised and we got in swiftly after collecting our tickets once we arrived and we headed through security.  Alcohol was not permitted but there was plenty of mobile bars that you could buy everything from wine to lager.  Security was thorough but after recent events in Manchester I took this as a good thing, we wanted to enjoy ourselves in safety.  I also noticed a large armed police presence but it didn’t seem to have anyone on edge, many fans were getting their photo taken with the officers.  

The venue was split up into 4 sections, disabled area, VIP area (which was actually further back than we were), picnic area and standing area which is where we were.

Doors opened at 3pm and we arrived around 30 minutes after that, fortunately we were able to make our way straight to the barrier in front of the stage and were right up close to the action – I think this could be the closest I have ever been to the stage at a concert. 

alnwick castle gig

I love the idea of standing and picnic area space.  Although everyone was enjoying themselves equally as much, those in the picnic area seemed to be families or mothers with their kids which is a great idea to keep kids away from the hustle and bustle of the dancing crowds. 

Check out our Facebook Live video here.

jess glynne live at alnwick castle

Toby Anstis from Heart Radio took to the stage first to play a huge selection of songs from todays chart but some old skool too much to my delight.  The crowd went wild when Whigfield – Saturday Night started playing, all the adults were up doing the dance moves and teaching their children what to do, it was great fun.

The support acts followed which Jess apparently hand-picked.  First up was Mullally, who I must say is AMAZING!  He sounds so unique and actually reminds me of Sam Smith when he is singing his ballads.  His voice is so beautiful that I could have listened to him all night.  As soon as I got home, I followed him on Spotify and all his social media channels.  I really hope he makes it big because I want to go to HIS tour!

Up next was Kiko Bun who has a very unique sound, there is nothing like it in the charts at the moment.  His sound is totally summer vibes, think ‘Santana – Smooth’ it was a little like that.  An outdoor festival with a drink in hand really is the best place to enjoy Kiki Bun’s unique sound and he certainly got the crowd dancing

During Kiko Bun’ set, the rain started and we literally got soaked through but we didn’t let it dampen our spirits! 

Jess Glynne arrived on stage at 9pm and we were all ready for her!  As expected, the noise from the crowd when she appeared on stage was unreal, I don’t know how we didn’t bring Alnwick Castle down!

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She opened the show with ‘Rather Be‘ and the atmosphere was electric, everyone singing, dancing and all just enjoying the moment. 

It was an amazing feeling to know you were inside the grounds of this iconic castle that has stood here for over 700 years and we were enjoying one of todays biggest stars on a summer evening together, it was so surreal.

Jess has such a powerful and unique voice, she can hold a note and sounds absolutely amazing live, much to my delight.  The crowd sang along to her every word and seem to know all of her songs from the ‘I cry when I laugh’ album. 

jesse glynne

We were treat to many more of her smash hits including ‘Bad Blood‘, ‘Hold My Hand‘ and ‘My Love’.

What I love about Jess’s performance was she was stripping back her songs and putting a twist on them, playing with the notes and really using her voice to show just what she can do.  I just wish everyone could have been there with me to experience this, it was perfect.

Once song that got the audience bouncing was when Jess done a version of Beyonce – Deja Vu, I would even go as far as saying it was WAY better than Beyonce and I want her to release it!  I have managed to find it on YouTube from another one of her concerts, check it out here.

When Jess spoke to the crowd she was so down to earth which I found lovely, some singers can come across quite arrogant and I remember two concerts I’ve been to in the past where they didn’t even know which city they were in but let’s not get into that…

We must also take a moment to appreciate Jess Glynne’s band, they were fantastic throughout and she made sure they were also stars of the show, giving each of them their own chance to shine, I love how nice she is! 

My only regret is I didn’t get to do more live videos for you guys to enjoy the concert with me.  Due to the heavy rain at times I was struggling with signal on my mobile.

jess lynne

I highly recommend seeing Jess Glynne live if you ever get the chance and I for one will be front of the queue for tickets to her follow-up concert should she ever come back to the North East.  Even though I left soaked through and freezing cold, there really wasn’t any place I’d rather be (see what I done there, haha!)

Oh, and if you were wondering, how does the Jess vs Jessie sing off stand?  Well, I think I have now found someone just as amazing as Jessie J so now I will be comparing every singer to the 2 Jess’s!


~a guest blog by Ashleigh Swan from Ashleigh Money Saver




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