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How to organise the perfect Stag or Hen Do

Our guide to planning the perfect Stag and Hen Weekends

Being asked to be the best man or bridesmaid is a great honour but after the initial elation many hit the panic button as the reality sets in of organising the perfect stag or hen night.  How do you make it a truly epic night to remember?  Well don’t worry, here at Nights Out In Newcastle we’re experts at memorable Stag and Hen nights and have broken it down into seven simple steps to get the party started in style.


Guest List

“Your name’s not down, your not coming in!”

First step for any Stag or Hen weekend is getting the guest list sorted.  This is a key part of organising that will require the hen or stags involvement.  Meet up well in advance and hash out a guest list, taking down names, contact details and any little notes you might need to know about them.  

Avoiding any personality clashes or old rivalries is important.  If you are travelling far for your last night of freedom you might want to plan out some options for people travelling and staying together.  Consider if you are going to break down the weekends fun and frolics into distinct groups or not and who you want at each event.  After all you might not want to hit the strip club with your prospective Father in law or have a pole dancing party with your Nan!

As a best man or bridesmaid your duty is to make sure the night goes to plan without a hitch so you might have to run interference with any troublesome guests, so being prepared is always a plus.  Don’t go in guns blazing if any problems start to pop up, show them the yellow card or make them do a forfeit as a way of seeing the humour in it!



“Location, location, location”

Now you’ve got the guest list you’ll need to pick out your party city of choice.  Obviously here at Nights Out In Newcastle we are a little biased but you cannot go wrong with Newcastle, and it shows with it being one of the most popular stag and hen destinations of choice.  

Wherever you choose you’ll have to bare in mind how easy, expensive and how long it will take for everyone to get there.  Our advice is to do your research, pick a place and stick to it as you’ll inevitably find it all falls apart if you try to plan by committee.  Give as much information to everyone as possible so they can know what their in for but avoid bombarding with emails as no one likes a micro-manager.

Take the headache out of travel by organising a minibus to take you all there if possible as this is often the cheapest way to get you all there without having to shell out separately for petrol or trains.  If you’re going abroad make sure you give plenty of notice and book well in advance to keep the costs down.

Picking the right destination first time is crucial, bear in mind what activities, bars, hotels and events you want to go to.



“I love it when a plan comes together”

Planning is key to a great stag or hen weekend.  You’ll want some fun daytime activities to keep everyone busy and break the ice.   If you’re going for something very adventurous remember to factor in any travel time to get there.  

At Nights Out In Newcastle we have some amazing activities to choose from.  

It is no surprise that in a football mad city like Newcastle that The Play with a Legend, 5-a-side and chance to play on the pitch at St James’ Park are high on most Stag Weekends and boys night outs list of desirable activities.  For those of us less gifted on the pitch you can even the playing field with the hilarious Bubble Football, complete with a Sexy Referee to keep you all in line!

For lovers of the great outdoors there is action packed adventure available such as Battle Zone Archery, High Ropes Tree Top Adventure and Paintball, as well as an excellent selection of off-road options for the petrolheads out there with Quad Biking, Rage Buggies and Rally Driving.

Those of us more used to mud packs than mudguards can kick back and take it at a more leisurely pace with a spa day or cocktail workshop. You can even indulge your inner diva with a recording studio session, karaoke or Thriller Dance Class.

For the more adventurous hen parties there is no better way to get the party started then a Pole Dancing Party,  a great laugh you and your friends can learn all the moves from an expert instructor and even get a certificate as a momento of your pole dancing party.  

For those ladies who want something a little more cheekier, why not try the world famous Adonis Cabaret Show?  Arrive at 7pm when a hunky chaperone will look after you while you enjoy a buffet and cocktail, then take your seats for the show, which starts at 7.45pm.  Dynamite Drag acts and Superstar Male Strippers will raise the roof for over 2 hours of comedy, sexy “Full Monty” strip, gags and games,  then get ready to party till 3 am in the best club in town!

adonis cabaret show

Once on the big night out you’ll want at least a half decent idea of your route and where you want to end up.  Otherwise you might waste time in rubbish bars or not get turned away from clubs for being in large groups.  The aim is not to kill spontaneity but just know when and where you need the group to move on to at times.

The advantage is these days there are loads of great services allowing you to book ahead and perfectly tailor you big night out so you don’t get disappointed.  Queue jumps, VIP areas and Privilege Wristbands all allow you to make the most of the night.

One great way to take some of the stress out of planning is to do an organised bar crawl.  One of our absolute favourites is Geordie Crawl.  On a Newcastle Geordie Bar Crawl, you get a truly amazing night to remember with our organised pub crawl round the party capital of the North.  They take you to five pubs and one club, all carefully chosen by them for the ultimate night out in Newcastle.  Starting down the iconic world famous quayside their friendly hosts ensure you have a night to remember as they guide you round Newcastle.  They get the ball rolling with some hilarious drinking games and you are guaranteed a great night out.

geordie crawl

You might also want to combine your weekend with some sporting events, club nights or favourite bands gigs.  Always check and book in advance to avoid disappointment.  We have a great calendar of events in Newcastle on our site as well as a handy blog, so you’ve no excuse for missing out!


Take control

“A leader is admired, a boss is feared”

It is important that you take charge of the situation without letting the power get to your head.    No one wants a little Napoleon barking orders at them just as they are starting to enjoy their night out.  If you’ve planned the night out well then that should help.

Having a kitty for drinks is a great way of taking charge of the night.  There is nothing worse than getting everyone together to move on to the next venue only to find that mate who always gets one in as your leaving standing there with a full pint.  We all have a mate like that, if you don’t it is you!

It is also a great help in restaurants and avoids people quibbling over the bill.  

A great thing to do for stag nights is hire some Barcrawl Babes, these awesome hostesses are some of the very hottest girls in town and will accompany you on a pre-planned pub crawl, taking care of kitty, buying you beers and ensuring you have a truly great night in Newcastle. 

barcrawl babes 

These gorgeous bar-crawl hostesses will leave the Best Man free to sit back, enjoy himself and then reap all the credit for a truly awesome night out to remember.  To read more on Barcrawl Babes click here.


Fancy Dress, party games and forfeits

“Clothes make the man”

Party games are a great ice-breaker and can provide some hilarious entertainment.  Drinking games and forfeits are an excellent way of keeping your party in order with a little humour and mild punishment for any moaners, round dodgers or those who spend all night on their phones to there wives or husbands.

Fancy dress is for the stag or hen is common these days as well as groups often deciding to dress up in theme.  You can’t walk through the streets of Newcastle without bumping in to a gaggle of surfs, 118 moustached men, cheerleaders, superheroes or accidentally catching more than an eye-full of someone in a Borat Mankini!  

Just remember if you want to get into that swanky VIP club later on you might need to stop and ditch the costume.


Make memories

“What goes on tour, stays on tour”

It is important to remember to capture the days fun activities, the nights mad drinking games and fun fancy dress on camera so you can remember your epic night out for years to come.  After all this is your stag or hen’s last night of freedom.

Just remember no one likes a nightcrawler, you don’t want any videos or picture coming back to spoil the groom or brides big day!


Finish in style

“Don’t start a job you can’t finish”

Picking your final venue for your big stag or hen night is key.  Do your research and find the perfect place for your group.  

You can book early, get queue jumps or VIP entry to ensure you all get in quickly and get on with enjoying the night.  There is nothing worse than having to scour around for somewhere to go then queuing for hours only to be told you can’t come in.

We always believe in really going big when it comes to finishing off the night, so if you have that cool club you’ve always wanted to go to then just make sure they know about your group.  Splash out for the full VIP treatment, get table service, party like celeb, after all this is your one and only excuse to go for it!

You can find a great list of bars, pubs and clubs in Newcastle on our website here, with contact details so you can plan your stag or hen do with ease.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide and have a great Stag and Hen Weekend.  

This guest blog was brought to you by Nights In Newcastle.





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