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As the Best Man, tradition dictates that you have to plan the most epic, off-the-wall stag do. And, whether that involves heading abroad for some sun, sea, sand and sambuca and leaving the groom-to-be with lasting memories, humiliating Facebook albums and aching muscles from being gaffer taped to a lamppost upside down whilst dressed as an inflatable penis, or staying in good old Blighty for an action-packed adventure weekend – you’re going to want to nail it. But fear not, lads, we know exactly what it takes to sort out an unforgettable stag weekend.

1. Bromance

Two men sitting on the couch and high fiving

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Heaven, for you, may be getting all suited and booted in a gangster Morphsuit, downing pints from a beer bong in a strip club until the early hours, and then waking up with your head stuck to a pizza box (we’ve all been there), but that may be the stag’s idea of a living hell. So, be a pal and think of what he wants before you book his last night of freedom.

2. Old and New Mates

A man dancing around

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You know the score – you’re probably not going to know everyone on the stag do (although after seeing each other dressed as drag queens and performing Atomic Kitten’s Whole Again to rapturous applause, you’re going to leave as brothers), so get a Facebook message or group email started to break the ice. And, after the stag do, you can send each other humiliating pictures of the stag weekend to your hearts content.

3. Money

Two men throwing money around

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Once people become grown-ups and do proper adult things like getting married and stuff (we hope you’re going on a stag do, or this is weird), money can become the source of all evil. So, decide on a budget early on, and stick to it. At LNOF HQ, we’ve set up an online payment plan for all the group to access and keep up to date with what they need to pay, so you won’t have to chase anyone up for money, and you’ll always be on top of the rowdy stag do shenanigans.

4. Logistics

A scene from The Hangover featuring four men toasting

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Before you touch-down in an unfamiliar city looking all debonair in your holiday chinos, Ralph Lauren polo with the collar popped and your gold medallion (you suave gent), make sure you’ve sorted out all the nitty gritty of the stag do, such as the transport, currency and activities. Spend a bit of time getting to know the place (and the rowdiest clubs) before you arrive, as a rip-off taxi fare here and a long queue into a top club there do not make for an epic stag weekend.

5. Fancy Dress

Five men in fancy dress for a stag do

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Whether you have the stag dressed up as a giant penis, or in an eye-watering neon-coloured Morphsuit – it’s important he stands out on the dance floor this weekend. We recommend the fetching gravity granny outfit for maximum humiliation points and this outfit will (literally) sweep the dance floor (boob joke, geddit?). However, if you are looking for a costume to really unify the troops, we have a fantastic range of offensive, yet proper fly, themes available on our website.

6. Drinking Games

A man throwing a pint at another man during the Drinking Games Olympics

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From the classic Beer Pong to the hellish Ring of Fire to the sounds-fun-but-is-really-f***ing-difficult-after-10-vodkas-and-a-round-of-shots Toy Soldiers, no stag do is worth its salt without a whole load of drinking games designed to unite the boys, break the ice and provide for some cracking photo ops.

7. Surprise the Stag

Michael Scott from The Office US acting surprised

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The stag do isn’t just any other night out – it’s the ultimate weekend with the boys for the groom-to-be, so if you have a gift for the lad, or have some funny tales of the stag that the bride probably doesn’t need to hear, now’s the time to tell them. Personal touches go a long way on the stag weekend and it’ll show the man of the moment just how much you love him like a bruvver.

8. The Morning After

A group of men singing on the karaoke and drinking

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The stag do is not the time or the place for a bunch of hungover blokes to curl up in a ball of misery, watch re-runs of Come Dine With Me and curl up under the duvet with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. No, it’s down to you, the Best Man, to sort out an emergency recovery breakfast pronto, before you all start having flashbacks of your blindingly beautiful and soulful rendition of Candle In the Wind on the karaoke (it was a good night, lads).

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