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G4 at Playhouse Whitley Bay review

G4 Live in concert

~ a guest blog and feature image by Mandy Charlton

Anyone who’s of a certain age will surely remember G4 as being the first ever runners up of the XFactor back in 2004, from humble beginnings as a barbershop quartet G4 have gone from strength to strength with their unique brand of “Popera” which has won them love and acclaim all over the world.

The band briefly disbanded in 2007 but in 2014 they came back, bigger and better than ever, they have been delighting audiences ever since with their own operatic delivery of some of the biggest pop songs of today.

G4 are touring with their latest album “Love Songs” and it seems they are brighter and more brilliant than ever, the energy, the melodies and harmonies were flawless, the arrangements of some of the greatest love songs of our times are a symphonic delight and whilst the choreography and occasional cheesy moments proves that these 4 singing wonders are not blessed with dancing feet you cannot help but lose your heart to an extraordinary evening of sublime music.

The show opened with “Your Song” and closed with “The Voice”  The string accompaniment by Sorrell Strings was perfect, put together with the exceptional talent of Sax/flute/clarinet player Oli Nez and the outstanding piano arrangements of Richard Jones, I cannot fault even a single second of the concert.

G4 are at times joined by the winner of the Chinese XFactor Mary Jess and I have to admit being a little taken aback when she had her moment in the spotlight singing Chinese opera but boy can that girl sing, I’ve never been so blown away by something so unexpected.

When the end of the concert did come a well deserved standing ovation happened and as G4 burst into “Barcelona” my heart felt happy for having experienced such an amazing night of musical delights.

The great thing about G4 is that you feel that you are really there with them, Jonathan Ansell even appears in the crowd at one point and afterwards the band were present to sign their new CD’s delighting the die hard fans, you don’t often get that at concerts and for me it just added a little nod that they were grateful to have retained their fans for so many years.  If you get the chance to see G4, they’re touring the length and breadth of Great Britain during March and they’re over in Ireland in September, I can promise you that if you do go along that you will enjoy an evening of music so wonderful that you will remember it for years to come.

~ a guest blog by Mandy Charlton 




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