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the scream factory 2017

Friday the 13th

The Scream Factory – Be afraid, be very afraid!

We were very excited and a little bit nervous when asked us to come to their Friday the 13th special VIP event.  They promised us a sneak peek at what they had in store for Scream Factory 2017.

Based at the Kirkleatham Museum in Redcar, Scream Factory is now the biggest and only purpose-built Halloween haunt in the North East.  We were kindly asked to review their Halloween weekend spectacular last year and we were not disappointed!  Check out our review of 2016 event here.

So we were interested and a little nervous to see what they had planned for Halloween this year.  We turned up at Kirkleatham Museum at 7pm as instructed and were led through to the hall were people were gathering.  It was decorated with floating candles (Hogwarts style) and all the usual Halloween fair, cobwebs, skulls, spiders, etc.   We grabbed a drink of punch and a Halloween themed cup cake before grabbing a seat with the other waiting victims (I mean VIP’s!).  We chatted away to our fellow bloggers and press when a terrifying looking clown appeared behind us as if from nowhere!

the scream factory 2017

For those who have not been to Scream Factory yet it is not for the faint hearted!  Clowns, Zombies, Mutants and chainsaw wielding Rednecks are all par for the course when running the gauntlet that is the Extreme Tour.  We sat and waited for our turn as the groups were assembled and led into the tour.  Scream Factory take you in small groups through their maze of the crazy and weird.  This means you all get a unique group experience and are nicely spaced out, not having to wait for others to finish.  It is a great event and perfect for stag and hen weekends with a real atmosphere of fear, excitement and camaraderie, as you prepare for your group to enter the Scream Factory.

With our group of would-be adventures assembled together we were led through to the start where we were briefed about what to do.  All ready we walked nervously down the dark woodland path to a scary looking building.  Very ‘Bates Motel‘ we were met by the bloodstained staff and invited into our room!

Obviously we don’t want to give too much away but it was safe to say our stay was a far from five-star luxury and relaxation!

Before we knew it we were in a maze of dark tunnels fumbling along as we struggled to see what was in front of us, but we were not alone in the darkness!  Twisted and warped figures stepped out into the light, screaming and clawing in our direction.  All bravado went out of the window and the group sped up in terrified panic.

It seemed like you were in the maze of tunnels for an age and we were very relived to finally escape, only to be confronted by a creepy hair-raising house of horrors slap bang in the middle of the woods.   This spooky haunt was filled with ghostly characters from the Scream Factory’s warped imagination.

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We entered the house and were met by the owner, quite the character he welcomed us in!

This bit really ramped up the anticipation and used a lot of great techniques to make you keep guessing where the scare was going to come from.  By now our group had bonded and were helping each other through it, a brilliant feature of the event, it brings people together and adds to the experience.  We battled on though and finally got out of the house and onto the next chilling building via a dark and ominous forest path.

Each area had its own theme, story and feel with unique, terrifying and chilling characters inside.  They were all joined together by the dark woodland paths, packed full of sudden surprises.  Each zone ramped up the fear factor, building to mind-blowing finale.  

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The Extreme Tour is a 14+ Event.  There is a Twilight Tour though, under careful adult supervision, all children over the age of 3 are invited to wander along a clearly marked out pathway.   On route you’ll have the chance to pop into one of the forest huts and meet, up close and personal some of Scream Factory’s real life creepy crawlies! 

There’ll be a whole host of Witches, Ghosts and Ghouls around to look out for and when you make it to the end, and Dracula has made sure all children will receive a treat!

There was also a new feature of an isolated tour, for those brave enough to take on the Scream Factory alone!   This event has sold out but promises to be a great feature.

We would definitely recommend the Scream Factory as it is a truly great activity for a night out.  The level of professionalism, attention to details and sheer size of the staging really blow your mind.  The actors make sure you have a unique experience and get your moneys worth in terms of frights.   They can even make sure you have a special personalised surprise or two for your stag or hen weekend if you contact them to arrange it.   

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We’d give the Scream Factory a solid 10 out of 10 as the whole trip was amazing from start to finish.  The organisation was perfect,  we never had to stop or meet another group once on our experience, giving a seamless personalised feel to the event.  

Scream Factory is located at the Kirkleatham Museum on the outskirts of the Seaside town of Redcar.  This is the sixth year of Scream Factory and they have gone from strength to strength.  It has grown every year with new additions to the site, this year has seen the sell out on multiple nights and even added two more time slots on a couple of nights because of the popularity of it.

You can find out more about Scream Factory here and follow them on Facebook for updates.

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