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Elaine Paige at Sage Gateshead 

~ a guest blog by Mandy Charlton


There are moments in your life you’ll remember forever, finally hearing Elaine Paige sing “Memory” live is one of those moments.

I’ve loved Elaine Paige my whole life, since I was a youngster exploring the work of the great Andrew Lloyd Webber for the first time.  In fact I remember singing “Memory” at an audition for a school play, I got the part for anyone wondering.

I’ve grown up listening to Elaine on Sundays with her show tunes programme on Radio 2 and I’ve heard so many of her renditions of her own hits both on TV and on musical soundtracks but to hear and see her live was a dream come true for me.

Last night she performed with her house band the John G Smith band, a band who are in themselves fabulous, they opened the show before the interval with some uptempo gloriously happy music, their first track was like the opening to a Christmas musical, this of course is perhaps why Elaine loves them and picked them from a club in Soho to be her band.

When the curtain rose (so to speak) on the second half an uproar of cheering broke out as the petite but perfect Elaine Paige walked out, She took us through some of her favourite music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond and even performed “I know his so well” to uproarious applause.  Last nights audience loved Elaine, they loved her when she sang the classics, they loved her when she sang the Beatles medley but most of all they loved her when she sang her show tunes.  I actually shed a tear because I’d ticked another box in my Wishlist 

She connected with her audience like no one else I’ve ever seen, diminutive she may be in size but in personality she’s as big as a whole broadway show.  Her charisma, her charmingly funny stories put together with that voice which seems not to have aged by even one day in all of the years that I’ve loved her, that timeless voice is sure to continue to sing the greatest music we have for many years to come.

It’s well known that she doesn’t do big tours anymore, just select dates because she loves performing in front of an audience and it’s understandable because the crowd loves her, a crowd of all ages, statuses, sexes, music which unites people, love is love after all and there’s no greater love than the love of music.


~ a guest blog by Mandy Charlton




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