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Crazy For You at the Theatre Royal

Crazy For You review

~ a guest blog by Mandy Charlton


The joy of the music of Gershwin is that he simply uses the black keys a lot and you know the most interesting music is always written on the black keys.  George and Ira Gershwin were the ultimate team, they were brothers who coupled some of the biggest and most iconic songs which are still performed today, nearly a century later.

Crazy for You was written and performed for the first time in 1930, it opens with a few iconic bars of George’s “Rhapsody in Blue” and from there you are transported to a happier, gentler time, a time when (In the case of Crazy for You) everyone could not only act but they also could sing, dance and play a musical instrument and often all at the same time.  Surely this musical must have the most talented performers in the whole country, dancing whilst singing and simultaneously playing the flute or the trumpet, well it’s not an easy ask and yet the cast of Crazy For You were on point throughout each and every second of the performance, I didn’t spot any opening night glitches and every single actor was a joy to watch.

Whilst the main roles were played by Tom Chambers and Caroline Flack it was actually Charlotte Wakefield in the role of Polly who truly stood out, her astounding vocal range blew me away as she sang “Someone to Watch Over Me”, “But not for me” and “I’ve got rhythm” with ease, she simply lit up the stage with a performance I’m going to remember for a long time to come.

Tom Chambers was simply divine in the role of Bobby Child, both he and Caroline of course are previous winners of Strictly Come Dancing and clearly they were both meant to be dancers from the very start. 

Special mention must go to Ned Rudkins-Stow in the role of Moose who can sing, dance, act and play the double bass, a rising star to look out for in the future mark my words.

The thing about watching musicals is that, well you can’t have a bad day watching a musical, they make you happy in your heart and even gloomy days can be cheered up by the advent of a musical.  Last night I took my nearly 14-year-old, I didn’t tell her anything about the musical because I think if I’d have mentioned that it was nearly a century old she might not have given it a fair chance and I’m so glad I didn’t tell her anything because she loved every moment, she even gave a whoop at the end when Polly and Bobby came on stage transported by a giant sparkly moon and if that sounds odd, well you’ll just have to go and experience the musical for yourself!  Let me tell you, Crazy for You may be nearly 100 years old but the music, the dancing, the happy bouncy performances, it is these high production values which make it a show which will still be watched and celebrated by mass audiences for the next 100 years and beyond.

Crazy for you is on at the Theatre Royal for the rest of the week and it’s currently touring throughout the country, go buy a ticket and grab yourself a couple of hours of pure unadulterated joy.

For more information on Crazy For You click here.

~ a guest blog by Mandy Charlton





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