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The Classic Rock show review

The Classic Rock Show

~ a guest blog by Gemma Jamieson of Gemmaslittleworld


The Classic Rock Show: The A-Z of Rock see’s the Classic Rock Show come to The Sage.  After hearing such great things from their performance last year I was so excited to them perform and this was my first experience at The Sage Gateshead


The Sage is the BEST music venue I have ever experienced. It wasn’t until I was leaving that I realised I took the acoustics for granted! You can sit anywhere within the halls and hear the surround sound and the perfect staging for a rock concert! 


The night kicked of with the hit “whole lotta love” and then an array of nostalgia throughout the hole night showcasing the best classic rock songs from Fleetwood Mac, Led Zepplin and Meatloaf!

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For my first rock gig I was so impressed and during the interval the buzz from the audience was lifting and everyone was talking about how they’d seen them before and how amazing they are!  The second half saw the best solo guitarist I have ever seen even on TV and then the encore stole to show and left the crowd crying for more. T he “band” are a group of musicians who come together to deliver the show and every single one of them were brilliant and had their highlights throughout the show to show off their skills!  The singers were also truly amazing and too good not to mention.  Not a note out of tune and perfectly synced I was convinced I was listing to the originals, but what I loved the most was how they genuinely seemed to enjoy the who for themselves and stood back allowing the musicians to take centre stage and get the credit they deserved too!

I left wanting more and for the show not to end.  I will without a doubt be looking to attend The Sage above any other venue in the North East and will look out for the Return of the The Classic Rock Show to the North East!

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~ a guest blog by Gemma Jamieson of Gemmaslittleworld




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