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is that chris ramsey?

Is That…Chris Ramsey? at the Metro Radio Arena

Is That…Chris Ramsey? 



Nights Out In Newcastle were lucky enough to get a chance to interview Chris Ramsey ahead of his amazing homecoming gig at the Metro Radio Arena on the 6th May 2017.  

We’re also giving one lucky winner a pair of tickets to the hottest gig in town.  Check out our Facebook page here for a chance to win two tickets to see Is That…Chris Ramsey? live on the 6th May 2017!

The hugely popular North East comedian we’ve all seen on The Royal Variety Performance, Celebrity Juice, Live At The Apollo, The Chris Ramsey Show on Comedy Central, Hebburn, Virtually Famous and in far too many newspapers when he was wrongly arrested in a hotel in his underpants, CHRIS RAMSEY finishes his amazing brand new tour, Is That…Chris Ramsey? with what is sure to be a show-stopping gig at the iconic venue.

We met up with Chris and he gave us a quick glance of the impressive Metro Radio Arena, he did not seem phased at all by the imposing site in front of him but then maybe he was just hiding it well when we saw his Facebook post later!


After our brief impromptu tour finished and we settled in for our interview grilling Chris on what his show was all about…


NOIN: Is that…Chris Ramsey? What can fans expect from the show?

CR: From Is that…Chris Ramsey? fans can expect…basically if you’ve seen me before I’m a story-teller, I tell stories from my life.  Weirdly I’ve got stories about being a dad, I’ve got stories about fear, inadequacy, confidence, lack of confidence, also I’ve got scary bits in the show…some scary bits…bits where I actually have the crowd worried…I didn’t realise it’s great, the power is addictive, they’re shitting their pants, it’s great!  I also finally answer the question of what happened in the hotel in London last year when I got arrested in my underpants, I finally tell that whole story!

NOIN: It all comes out?

CR: Yeah, it all comes out!  It didn’t on the night…haha


NOIN: Haha…so with the name Is That…Chris Ramsey? Is that a reference to people recognising you in the street.

CR: It’s not…it’s a reference to who do I think I am.

NOIN: So it’s deeper?

CR: It is…I just didn’t want it to sound deeper!  I wanted it to be a title that didn’t tie me into a theme too much.  Also mainly to get my name in the title and as the performer, basically in as much as possible! It’s a bit of an idiots existential crisis is suppose…a bit like how in some aspects of my personal life I wish I could be more like how I am on stage.  A bit more quick fire than I am in real life.  One of them being when the police kick down your door in the middle of the night and your underpants! I wish I could have dealt with that a bit better.


NOIN: So obviously you hosted ITV I’m a Celebrity : Extra Camp out in Australia this year and you tour a lot…what is it you miss most about the North East?

CR: Ah god! Curry…the curry up here.  The curries always seem nicer up here…they might not even be that good it might just be what I’m used to.  The old sauce and meat ratio is always good up here.  

NOIN: So what’s your favourite one?

CR: Chicken Madras

NOIN: Favourite place for curries?

CR: Oooh…weirdly I don’t even go out for it, I get it in, there is a place called Abbey’s Balti in Bede Industrial Estate in Jarrow that I get delivered to my house.  It’s amazing!

chris ramsey


NOIN: At Nights Out In Newcastle we are all about Nights Out, fun and letting loose, so you can go for a night out in Newcastle with one of your co-hosts, Vicky Pattison, Stacey Soloman or Joe Swash, who do you take and where do you end up?

CR: Vicky, and I’d let her decided as she knows best.  Just leave it up to her!


NOIN: So you started stand up at a pub called The Dog and Parrot just around the corner from the Metro Radio Arena, now you play to audiences across the globe.  So with that in mind TV’s Chris Ramsey, let us peer behind the mask a little and get an idea of the real Chris Ramsey.  It’s also a chance see if you’ve stood true to your North East roots, so I’m going to fire out some quick fire options for Nights Out In Newcastle!

CR: Ok great!

NOIN: So hamburger at the Hoppings or a Hen of the Wood at House of Tides?

CR: Shit ok! I go to House of Tide a lot, Kenny (Kenny Atkinson) is a mate of mine.

NOIN: A clear winner then…so people might be like he’s changed!

CR: Well…yeah…errm, but then Abbey’s Balti Jarrow…hmmm…but Kenny is a mate so House of Tides it is!


NOIN: Ok next up! A rum and coke in The Roadhouse with Robson Green or a Vodka bomb in The Vaults Cheryl Fernandez-Versini?

CR: You know what I don’t know Robson Green but I met him once briefly at a train station and he was really nice, so that one.  Thought The Roadhouse is shut so don’t you dare tell me I’ve forgot my roots! 


NOIN: Ok you’ve got me there but it’s a Hebburn classic so threw it in.  So next up…a Desperado with Declan Donnelly in The Dog & Parrot or an Amaretto in the Aitkenside with Ant McPartlin?

CR: Don’t make me choose!  You can’t choose between them two! What the hell do you think you’re playing at?  Both, I’d double date them, it would be like a sitcom.  I’d nip to the toilet and run to the other place! I’d tell them both I was ill and incontinent.  I’d play them off against each other and no one would know.


NOIN: Fair play.  So how about Sex on the Beach in The Strawberry with Sting or a Tia Maria with Tino Asprilla in Tiger Tiger?

CR: Tia Maria with Tino Asprilla in Tiger Tiger, just for how mint it sounds!

NOIN: I can see it now…in a fur coat or something?

CR: (shouts) Faustino!!!


NOIN: Ok…A Lager in The Longship with Lindisfarne or… a Slippery Nipple with Mike Neville in the New Bridge?

CR: Fuck me…Lindisfarne.  Without a doubt because Billy Mitchell came and did a charity gig for me at The Customs House so I’ve got a lot of time for him…and the rest of the lads.  


NOIN: Finally a Jagerbomb with in the Jarrow Crusader with Jimmy Nail…

CR: You’ve ran out of alliteration there…haha…

NOIN: …or a Daquiri on the Diamond Strip with Donna Air?

CR: Jimmy Nail…everytime!

NOIN: Well that’s me finished!

CR: And you know what I’ll be honest with you they are all really rough so it would probably end in a fight!


NOIN: So joking aside what would be your perfect Night Out?

CR: Mate it sounds really really sad but I’m really looking forward to here after the gig…we’ve got the bar here, I’ll have all my friends and family here, all in one place…I don’t have to get a taxi, I’ll be knackered but up for a drink and they’ll all be here.  That is my perfect night out!


A fitting end to his big tour we wish Chris the best for his homecoming gig and big night out in Newcastle after.

For Tickets to Is That…Chris Ramsey? visit

Tickets costing from £17.50 are available online, from the booking hotline number 0844 493 6666 or in person from the Metro Radio Arena Box Office. 


Tickets are available from:-

  • Credit Card Booking and Information Line 0844 493 6666
  • The Metro Radio Arena Newcastle Box Office (Mon – Fri: 10.00am – 4.00pm, Sat: 11.00am – 2.30pm)
  • Internet Site:-
  • Group Bookers should call 0191 260 6006
  • Accessible Bookings should call 0191 260 6066 for further details


We’re also giving one lucky winner a pair of tickets to the hottest gig in town.  Check out our Facebook page here for a chance to win two tickets to see Is That…Chris Ramsey? live on the 6th May 2017!




“Ramsey has the potential to be a mainstream hit, a cult favourite or almost anything in between”

Stephen Armstrong, The Sunday Times


“Frighteningly talented… tearing up every stage he lands on”

James Mullinger, GQ


“A brilliantly engaging natural storyteller”

Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard


“Spinning blokey pub banter and unpretentious patter into stand-up gold”

James Kettle, The Guardian Guide


You can also catch Chris on tour at the following venues:

12-Apr-17 Shrewsbury Theatre Severn 01743 281281
13-Apr-17 Portsmouth Guildhall 0844 847 2362
14-Apr-17 Worthing Connaught Theatre 01903 206 206.
19-Apr-17 Fife Comedy Festival, Glenrothes Halls 0131 622 6552
20-Apr-17 Scunthorpe Baths Halls 0844 8542776
21-Apr-17 Huddersfield Lawrence Batley Theatre 01484 430528
22-Apr-17 Wrexham, Glyndwr University  
26-Apr-17 Yeovil Octagon Theatre 01935 422884
27-Apr-17 Cardiff St Davids Hall 029 2087 8444
03-May-17 Harrogate Theatre 01423 502116
04-May-17 Nottingham Playhouse 0115 9419419
06-May-17 Newcastle Metro Radio Arena 0844 493 6666

For more info on Chris check out his website here or follow him on Facebook.




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