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chase park festival 2017

Chase Park Festival

Chase Park Festival blog review

~ a guest blog from Laura at LookAtMyClothes


I love live music, so when I was given the opportunity to head to Chase Park Festival in Saltwell Park, Gateshead, I couldn’t say no.  The weather couldn’t have been better as my partner and I arrived, strolling through the park to arrive at the festival.  I was so happy that it was a one-day festival as that meant not camping and no mud!  Having missed Little Comets and The Coral at Kendal Calling Festival last month, this was my chance to eventually see them live.

Chase Park Festival is known for being ‘The North East’s Festival for Everyone’.  The festival was designed to be inclusive for people of all abilities – it is the biggest open-air event of its kind in the UK.  This meant there were walkways for easy access, lots of chairs available for everyone and people signing along to the bands at the side of the stage, too.

By the time we arrived at the festival around 5.45pm, we’d already missed James Leonard Hewitson, Vito, Alex Francis, Boy Jumps Ship and Cattle and Cane which I’m sure were all fab.  The first thing I noticed was how small the area was.  There was a really chilled atmosphere with most people sitting on the grass enjoying the sunshine.  Normally at any kind of concert I have problems actually seeing the stage.  This was not a problem at all at Chase Park.  The fact that it was a very small crowd, and only around 30 people were actually standing at the front of the stage, meant I could see most of the stage the whole time.  So good if you’re sick of going to concerts only to watch the big screens and not the artists, like me!

As for food and drink, there was a couple of food outlets – one selling burgers, chips etc and the other selling toasties and baguettes, as well as an ice cream van.  We went for cheese burgers.  At £10 for two burgers and a bottle of Fanta it wasn’t the most affordable snack, but about what I’d expect to pay at an event like this.  There was a bar, too, but we were driving not drinking.

I was really looking forward to seeing Little Comets, and I wasn’t disappointed!  It’s nice to see local bands doing so well, and it was clear they had a good following showing up to support them.  They played their biggest hits and some new songs – my favourites being Bridge Burn, One Night in October, Joanna and Dancing Song. Check out the live videos here.

chase park festival 2017

chase park festival 2017

The headlining act was The Coral.  Having missed these at Kendal Calling Festival I was super excited to eventually get to see them live.  Although I didn’t actually know many of their songs, they were fab live, particularly the lead guitarist Paul Molloy.  There was quite a lot of people up dancing and singing along, especially their most known hit ‘In the Morning‘.  

the coral in the morning

The highly anticipated ‘Dreaming of You‘ was kept until last, and when the crowd heard the distinctive opening lines it received a bigger reaction than any other that night. Again, the atmosphere was great – everyone enjoying themselves and relaxed.

the coral chase park festival

As The Coral’s set finish and we headed for the exit there was no mad rush like at most other concerts I’ve attended.  It was just a steady stream of people and a ten-minute walk back to the car.

I’d recommend Chase Park Festival to anyone who likes to chill out outdoors and listen to live music with a super-friendly atmosphere, no matter what bands are playing.  I’ll be heading back next year, for sure.


~ a guest blog from Laura at LookAtMyClothes





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