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Brendan Cole All Night Long

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All Night Long

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We were thrilled at the chance to interview Brendan about his latest dance extravaganza and find out how he felt about bringing his show to the North East.

It’s manic, exciting, nerve wracking… I’m juggling balls… but I could not be more chuffed with the way things are going.”  It’s the last week of rehearsals before BBC Strictly Come Dancing star Brendan Cole hits the road with his latest live dance spectacular, All Night Long, which arrives at the Sage Gateshead on 27th March.

Mon, 27 Mar 2017 – 7.30pm   Gateshead Sage   0191 443 4661

It’s the latest in an impressive chorus line of hugely popular live shows, featuring the New Zealand born dancer, who is one of only two professionals to have competed in all 14 series of Strictly Come Dancing.  Brendan is joined on stage by an impressive array of professional dancers, live musicians, stunning costumes, lighting and special effects in what promises to be a dazzling show.

PMB Presentations, the presenters of this ninth Brendan Cole Tour, marvel at the fanatical audience support and the feedback from theatres and halls who say that a Brendan Cole Show is the yardstick by which other Strictly associated shows are measured.  

These are no ‘sit back and watch’ productions … each show is full on high energy dance dynamite, up close and personal, with scintillating guest dancers, and a scorching 14 piece band and singers; superb choreography, stunning lighting, amazing special effects.

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You’ll see everything you love to see on Strictly and more” promises Brendan, running through a list of dances from the cha-cha, to the Argentine tango, the waltz to a highly energetic jive.

The difference is that it’s a live show, featuring world-class musicians who play with the likes of Michael Buble and Tom Jones and 8 hand-picked professional dancers who are excited and thrilled to be part of a full-on stage-show.

So what can audiences expect when it comes to the Sage Gateshead?

It’s got a big opening” says Brendan.  “There’s so much excitement when we burst out onto that amazing stage, and first see the audience.”

And he promises an epic opening to the second half – a paso doble that he describes as “Intense. With fire and capes and spectacular costumes.

Talking about choreographing a waltz with new dance partner Faye Huddlestone, Brendan says, “It gives me goose-bumps. It’s different to any kind of waltz I’ve done before. It’s got a really deep story to it that I hope the audience will feel part of. 

It’s very much Brendan’s vision and experience that brings the show to life. “It has my fingerprints all over it” he says. “It’s my show, right from the inception, when I start working with my wife and my musical director, choosing music that people are going to want to play, and dance to; through to the costumes, the colours, the look and the design. But working with a new professional dance cast, we all inspire each other too.

brendan cole live tour

I was ordering umbrellas at midnight last night” he admits – a little hint at what to expect as well as an insight into the level of detail and passion it demands.

It takes almost a year to put the production together, and there is some fine tuning to do before it premieres in front of an audience.  For Brendan, this is the final part of the show, when it truly comes alive.  “The audience really are key to the show,” he says. “You don’t really know how everything will look until it goes in front of them.

He is looking forward to bringing the show to the north east: “I love the Gateshead venue, it’s such a great stage, and you get a sense from the audience that it’s going to be a good night. Whereas some audiences in the south can be a bit more reserved during the show, and you can think, you’re not so entertaining, with a North East audience, they really let you know they’re enjoying it.

All Night Long, featuring Brendan Cole is at the Sage Gateshead on Monday 27 March.





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