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the bootleg beetles and royal liverpool philharmonic orchestra

The Bootleg Beatles and Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

It was 50 years ago today – The Bootleg Beatles and Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

The Sage Gateshead – Tuesday 11th July

~ a guest blog review by Mandy Charlton


I should preface this review by adding the disclaimer that I love orchestra’s, I don’t think you could go and see a bad Philarmonic Orchestra performance!

I should also add the disclaimer that I believe the Beatles are one of the best pop groups we will ever see so I’m kind of biased.

I wasn’t around in 1967 for the release of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and I’m fairly sure that if I had been I would have been fully into the whole summer of love, this album, one of the definitive albums of all time ever is the birth of so much modern music, the best The Beatles ever made and it’s still and always will be relevant to today’s audience.

There were people of every age in last nights audience which is surely a testament to the longevity and mass appeal of the music of The Beatles and just like The Beach Boys, I believe if The Beatles were still touring now they would fill stadiums.

It is of course a shame that I’ll never see The Beatles live but I have to tell you, The Bootleg Beatles are a pretty amazing substitute, they’ve clearly worked so hard to represent everything that the counterparts represented.  They make it look effortless and if you weren’t aware you really would feel you were seeing The Beatles live.

Of course for me the test of all music is if you can strip it right back and perform it by an orchestra, no worries there for the music of the Beatles, every single song from the aforementioned album sounded so good performed live by the 77 piece Liverpool Philharmonic.

As well as performing the entire contents of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band they also added in just a few numbers from the summer of love and as ever, emotional old me shed a tear or two when they performed “All You Need Is Love” a song which has had so much meaning in my own life.  To hear it performed live with everyone on their feet in the entire audience was one of the most emotional moments I’ve had whilst listening to live music.

Live music is everything, orchestral music is the pinnacle of that and we need to have more of these kinds of concerts. It really is time to strip back the greatest music of all time and introduce it in a different way to whole new audiences, the existing fans will always love it and they’re bound to pick up a whole new following in the process.

One thing is for certain, good music is good music and always will be.


~ a guest blog review by Mandy Charlton





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