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Back to Bacharach

Playhouse Whitley Bay

~ a guest blog by Mandy Charlton

Think of Burt Bacharach and what instantly comes to mind, at least for me anyway is “What the World Needs Now” along with “Close To You” and “Always Something There to Remind Me.”  Cilla Black, Sandie Shaw, Karen Carpenter, just some of the amazing vocalists to have brought this iconic man’s music to life, a man who’s music is currently delighting audiences around the country with no less than 29 of his biggest hits in the musical extravaganza “Back To Bacharach”.

Back to Bacharach brings us the vocal talents of west end stars like Martin Neely, Janine Johnson and the incredible vocalist Arabella Rodrigo, along with Steve Turner leading a “groovy” rock and roll band.

Whilst the nostalgic music of Burt Bacharach could never be thought of as cheesy, this stage show contained more cheese than the edam factory.  It was very much smiles and sways, teeth and big wide grins, every number had a performance so saccharin that one almost required a dentist.

The mainly mature audience loved every minute though, the whoops and cheers were all around me and when the band played “I say a little prayer” those who could get up and dance boogied all around us, I may have even got up myself.

I love a show with audience participation and let’s not pretend this is a serious kind of show, we in the audience were encouraged to dance, wave arms and even sing the “Whoah, Whoah, Whoah” part of “What’s New Pussycat?

One thing is definitely for certain, if the band and vocalists weren’t having a great time you certainly couldn’t tell, I laughed and laughed as the trio of brass players all duly swayed in unison during a couple of the numbers, choreographed swaying, I’ve never witnessed that before and I doubt I will again.

Look this isn’t a serious evening and it’s not the best musical show you’ll ever see but it’s good, it’s fun and when the encore of “Raindrops Keep Falling” played we were all up on our feet dancing with much happiness in our hearts, I came out of the theatre skipping last night and I think I know the reason why, you can’t help but love a feel good show, and ladies and gentlemen, this is definitely a feel good show, catch Back to Bacharach as it winds it’s way around the UK for a great up tempo night of nostalgia and songs which will stay in your head like an ear worm long after you leave the theatre.

~ a guest blog by Mandy Charlton



Back to Bacharach have partnered with Breast Cancer Now, the UK’s leading breast cancer charity.  

Breast Cancer Now supports world class breast cancer research across the UK and Ireland and believes that if we all act now, by 2050, breast cancer will have taken its last life.   That’s why Back to Bacharach are pleased to be supporting this worthy charity by donating £1 from each theatre ticket sold, and committing to raise a minimum of £10,000 by doing so.





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